Pop Up Bar 30 Opens in Rock Center Plaza

Remember that house thing that popped in Rock Center Plaza for Ina Garten a few weeks ago? Well, undoubtedly inspired by the pop up bar in Bryant Park, they’ve decided to leave it up and convert it to a bar/restaurant through September 4th. It’s open from 11am to 10pm daily, and will serve food and drinks. You wouldn’t think there would be anything Midtown Lunch worthy in this news, but this week’s menu (provided by the Rock Center Cafe) includes mini fontina sliders (for $10), and a $10 grilled proscuitto pizza. (There’s also a mini lobster roll for $12, but I don’t like the sound of the word “mini”.)

Next week the food will be taken over by AJ Maxwell’s, and if it’s anything like their $10 special lunch take out menu, that might be worth taking a look at too. Plus there’s a Happy Hour every day starting at 5pm, with two special drinks being offered for $7. All things considered, it might be not terrible…

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