‘wichcraft Brings Pop Up Happy Hour to Bryant Park

Before you get all excited about having lunch at the new ‘wichcraft pop up bar thing opening in Bryant Park on Friday, you should probably know this: 1) It’s more a bar than a restaurant. 2) Even though it is open all the time for anybody to lounge, the only time they’re serving food and beverages during lunch will be Fridays and 3) the sandwiches being served are smaller and more expensive ($9) than the regular ‘wichcraft sandwiches (aka snacks, not lunch.) If you have always dreamed of drinking in Bryant Park after work (while enjoying snacks made by ‘wichcraft) well that’s a different story. Drinks and the sandwich snacks will be served Monday through Thursdays from 5-9pm, Fridays from Noon to 4pm through September.  [Grub Street;Blondie and Brownie]

Photo coutesy of Blondie and Brownie


  • Drinking in the park is a favorite past time of mine. Being allowed to do it legally is fantastic.

  • Damn, $9 happy hour sandwich snacks. I think I’ll pass unless it’s flocked with pretty ladies. ;P

    Is Mama going to do a report on this? That would be nice.

  • Thanks, Zach! I was wondering what that was. They were trying to get it up the day we had that 20 min monsoon.

  • I’d rather have Food Truck Tuesdays in Bryant Park instead of Southwest airlines sandwiches. Give those poor souls with food trucks a place to park.

    I’d pick street food over airline food if given a choice.

  • Yea IF there are weekly food truck gatherings with decent eats then definitely pass on the ‘wichcraft, Pret and Cosi sandwiches around Bryant Park (Chipotle too and Pax can be thrown in there. lol). There are better ways to spend or save that $10+.

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