Midtown Proper is Finally Getting a Bao-Something

Sure, there is a Baoguette on Lexington btw. 25+26th that is worth walking out of your way to. But I always hoped we’d get a branch a little closer to Midtown proper.  Well, my dreams of a closer Baoguette have not been completely answered- but this is pretty damn close (and arguably even better!)  Eater is reporting that Chef Michael Huynh is planning on opening O Bao Noodles and Grill on 53rd St. btw. 2+3rd in October. (I’m thinking maybe it’s going to be in the old Bunchberries space?) It will focus on “grilled and barbecued Vietnamese food and a slew of International noodle offerings from China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand.” Between this and the new Midtown Momofuku, the end of the year could make my head explode with excitement.

Baoguette’s Out of Bounds Banh Mi is Worth the Extra Walk


  • as one of 6 New Yorkers out of 8 million who hasn’t tried a Banh Mi, I am excited

  • I tried my first one today from Baoguette on lex, got the namesake, it was nice but don’t really understand why they use so much cilantro, it overtakes the sandwich. Herbs shouldn’t be used in veggie sized portions for a reason.

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