Free Iced Coffee & Cookies Alert

Tomorrow (Thursday, August 13th) the ING Direct Cafe on 3rd Ave. and 58th Street will be giving away free iced coffee and shortbread cookies from 11:30am to 1:30pm. It’s only at this new location, and you’ll probably be subjected to “savings tips”, but whatever. It’s free iced coffee and cookies! Freeloaders engage.


  • Alright, I just had ING Iced Coffee today too at the 49 loc. $2 is still a good deal. Free – awesome!@

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    Unrelatedly, just saw you get hat-tipped at Slate.

    Any chance that we can make auctioning of street permits, as well as park ones, an issue for the next mayoral election? NYC should be collecting more money on these permits instead of letting the black market in permits reap the profit.

  • They didn’t try and sell us anything… Coffee was an Iced “grande” size, but NOT filled to the top. They left about an inch of room… The cookies were “Grandpa’s Original” White Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread. Oh, and the woman at the front who looks like a gal at the local Starbucks, apparently went to NYU for a masters and does NOT like being mistaken for a Barista. No line at 11:45.

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