Please Don’t Forget That Popeye’s is Still Open

Popeye's Opens in Midtown

I twittered about this earlier last week, but Lunch’er “Joseph” wants to see more!

“I was desperate – I forgot my lunch and had no cash today. Couldn’t think of a decent card-only idea so I searched for Midtown Popeyes. [The one on 40th btw. 7+8th] came up on Google, but the lead posting was the one about the bankruptcy declaration. Luckily I went anyway and they were open and good. I’m not sure if it warrants another posting to remind people that they really are open – might help show them some business and improve the likelihood of someone taking over the franchise??? I’d have to go to 14th or harlem on my lunch hour for popeyes if they close. :(“

There are some decent fried chicken alternatives in Midtown, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that we don’t want to lose Popeyes.

8th Avenue is the Fried Chicken Corridor of NYC
Cafe Cello May Have the Best Fried Chicken in Midtown


  • Wait, but look at that sign. Butterfly Shrimp!

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    two weeks ago, i looked everywhere for that popeyes on 7th avenue & couldn’t find it! keep us updated!

  • MAma, Butterfly…..means they’ve had the shit and arse cut out of them.

  • Kinda like StreetMeatTumor on your average Saturday Night

  • Sorry, you definitely do NOT speak for everyone on this one. Fast food chains are disgusting. Get lost soon, Popeyes, and good riddance. Let’s see something independent and unique take over that space. Every chain restaurant or chain store murders a little more of the uniqueness of New York and makes Midtown even more like a soulless outdoor shopping mall.

  • @Ike – Yeah, but unlike other chains (like McDonald’s, etc.) Popeye’s tastes gooooooood! What if their fried chicken is better than every mom and pop place?

  • Exactly. Popeye’s is the closest thing to the (mostly) Southern chain Bojangles’, home of the top chain fried chicken recipe. Yeah, they’re a chain, but no one’s stepping up to fill the fried chicken void in NYC like they did for barbecue this decade.

  • Zach: Then this must be a truly awful town for fried chicken. Yikes. Nasty fast food chains, ugh! Surely one of the Korean fried chicken joints on 32nd St. is better? (Not to mention spicier.)

  • Korean fried chicken is good! But it’s totally different then southern fried chicken.

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    They post a coupon for 10 pieces for $10.00 on their website! It ends up being cheaper than “Piece of Chicken” if you bring friends (or think you can eat 10 pieces of chicken for lunch….erg!)! Sounds like an excellent plan for budget friendly fried lunching.

  • I’m always surprised that Popeye’s is still open considering that stretch of 40th st. is totally cursed.

  • Ike, such venom! You can actually stop in at Popeye’s and be on your way out with tasty, ML-priced fried chicken in a couple of minutes. Korean fried chicken is a different beast, and is not a quick take-out instant-gratification option.

    Zach does speak for all of us when he says Viva Popeye’s! You are simply not one of us.

  • Ike: I surmise that you’re also too refined to ever eat a chain hamburger from In-n-Out? Methinks Chowhound may be more your speed. Don’t give them our regards. C-ya.

  • Wayne, you calling me butterly shrimp? You got that all wrong, boy-O. I’m at least a mantis shrimp/ pissing shrimp. That’s not pineapple juice you been drinking all this time.

    Glad to know they still open. I went when they still had the 1.99 deal over a month ago.

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    i’m originally from houston, tx, and a lot of people eat popeyes chicken down there. growing up that’s where we got our fried chicken. if people down south (i know, it’s not the deep south, more like southwest, but we’re still south) love popeyes, it can’t be bad.

    fyi…there’s a popeyes in chinatown as well. it even has a sign in chinese along with the english version.

  • Steve: Well then, I guess it makes sense that I’ve been a Chowhound much longer than I’ve been a Midtown Luncher (no apostrophe), and I’m proud of being both. You can’t tell me I’m not one of you. Go fall in a vat of nasty Popeyes grease! Meanwhile I’m enjoying some REAL food from the Moroccan cart on 39th.

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