Popeye’s on 40th Files For Bankruptcy

Terrible news from Lunch’er “MychaelS” on Friday: Crains is reporting that Franchise Kings of Midtown (which owns the Popeye’s on 40th btw. 7+8th) is filing for Bankruptcy protection.  The owner “aims to pay off her debts and sell the franchise and lease for the store.” The location  is still open for now, but it’s not entirely clear if it will remain open in the future. (Hopefully somebody will come in and save it!) Also unclear is whether the bankruptcy is directly related to the location itself, which was always packed during lunch, or just a failure of the parent company.  Of course this isn’t the first time Midtown has lost a Popeyes. There used to be one on 34th Street, and one on 46th Street.  Both are now closed. The block itself, which is located right next to the New York Times Building appears to be jinxed.  The Sophie’s Cuban located directly next door, closed last year despite always being full during lunch.

8th Avenue is the Fried Chicken Corridor of NYC
The New Popeye’s
Sophie’s Cuban Takes Another Step Backwards


  • aaahhhh, no more fried chicken! boo!

  • Worst thing to happen to Popeye since Bluto.

  • That block is totally cursed!

  • How about they move the 2 Bros Pizza down there? Better than having to go all the way to 9th Ave/ No Mans Land/ Port Authority’s backyard and should be able to survive any curse due to their cheap cheap prices. :)

  • “how am I supposed to feed my family”?

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    It’s a weird block; slowly failing fabric stores and scary-looking porn stores and, of course, the comic book store. I’m not surprised restaurants have a tough go of it there.

  • It’s near the NY Times Building, Port Authority and what-not. Maybe their cheap chicken deal was too little, too late. The 1.99 two piece deal is almost a cry of desperation when their chicken is good. Before that, they had the chicken strips deal but doubt anyone was too imrpessed by it?

  • isn’t this another case of “costs of shipping too high in midtown for one location & the landlord is a douche?”

  • Thanks to the soldout-taiwanese fried chicken during lunch, I decided to come here tonight for dinner and got 2 pieces and a biscuit. Best 2.15 I spent all week. The lady was nice enough to cram two spicy thighs into my carton. I like drumsticks too but nothing beats more meat for such a cheap price. I hope they can stay open.

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