It’s Schnitzel Time

Weeks and weeks of preparation (played out in other areas of the city) have finally lead us to this moment in time. As promised on Friday, the Schnitzel & Things Truck will finally make it’s way to Midtown today.  They plan on trying to park on 49th Street btw. Park+Madison by 11:30am this morning, but first day parking can always be ruined by unforseen “obstacles”.  Be sure to check their Twitter feed, or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out. UPDATE: As of 11:15 they’re set up on 48th btw. Park+Lex.


  • Any guesses on how long this line is going to be at noon? yikes…I think I’ll wait until day 2 or 3 to give it a go…

  • Aaaaaaaand I’m there.

  • The Austrian invasion has begun!!

  • That kosher truck better watch out… history dictates that tonight there will be a putsch of other schnitzel makers and anyone else that is a threat to their rise to power

    Not sure if the sausage smugglers at Hallo Berlin need to worry or not

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    Would check it out if they came more west… I went with the porken special from Cravings. Thanks again ML Twitter Tracker.

  • 12:05 the line was 10 deep. Zero chance of me standing in the scorching sun for 20 minutes for deep fried anything.

  • Different Kosher Oasis truck parked at 47th and 6th today, than the one Friday. Similar to, but not quite the same.

    Maybe the other one is performing a flanking maneuver on the Schnitzel truck?

  • Dave… a brilliant strategy… it worked in the Ardennes (Bastogne) so why not midtown? Schnitzel Truck would be forced to retreat and risk loss of their heavy armor (the schnitzel fryers)

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    got to the truck at 12:45 pm and there were about 8 people in front of me waiting to order and another 4 or 5 people waiting for their order. it took about 15 minutes to order and get my food. got the cod schnitzel sandwich on ciabatta. it was definitely worth the wait and a good value for $7. it’ll make 2 meals for me.

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    p.s. i feel bad for the guys working the schnitzel truck today. it’s gotta be hot in that truck with the 90s temp today.

  • Missed it by showing up after 2.


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