Pickles Now Included at New Szechuan Gourmet


Great news from the new Szechuan Gourmet (on 56th btw. B’way+8th).  Remember how their menus promised free szechuan pickles with every lunch special, but when they opened the lady at the counter said it was a misprint?  Apparently they’ve changed their mind.  From Lunch’er Grace: “Just ordered pork/leeks from the newest branch of Szechuan Gourmet and am proud to inform you that the pickles have arrived! I received a nice portion with my delivered lunch and it’s nice and crunchy and salty!”

Pork Belly w/ Chili Leeks Still Good at the New Szechuan Gourmet
Szechuan Gourmet: Day 1 as a NYT 2 Starred Restaurant


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    I got take-out there just yesterday (Ma Paul tofu – delicious as usual), BUT there definitely NO pickles anywhere in my bag…

  • When I order into the office from the original they usually throw in free sesame noodles. Guess it depends on their mood. I usually type “xie xie” into my seamless order to stay on their good side.

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