SVP Wants to Help You Quit Your Job and Open A Street Cart

It seems like every day a new street vendor pops up, many of them leaving behind careers in other industries to do so (Cupcake Stop I’m looking in your general direction.) And with this new wave of interest Midtown Lunch has gotten its fair share of emails and comments from aspiring entrepreneurs asking for advice… but I’m sure it pales in comparison to the number of phone calls that the Street Vendor Project gets! (The Vendy Awards might be their biggest attention grabber, but helping vendors is their actual reason for being.)

Well the SVP has responded to the current demand for info by offering a new class for people who might be looking to leave their job for a career as a street vendor. According to the listing it will conduct the class four times a year and discuss topics such as:

1) How to get a license, permit, cart, and spot.
2) Laws, rules, and regulations you need to know.
3) How to deal with police, store owners, and other vendors.

The first class is being offered Sunday, August 16th from 6-8pm. It costs $150, and is limited to 12 people. Get more information, or sign up here on


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    A tad pricy? item (1) is of most interest, but if they are only going to tell you “get on the waiting list”, then it’s not that valuable.

    Items (2) and (3) are only worth knowing once you can get #1…

  • @gothgrub – All the money goes to the SVP (which is a non profit) so it’s tax deductible.

    Also, I think it’s meant to be a class for people serious about starting a cart. The price is probably meant to attract people who are serious about it… (and the class is limited to 12 people)

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