Rock Center Greenmarket is Now Open


The annual summertime Rock Center Greenmarket opened for business on Wednesday.  It’s located on Rockefeller Plaza between 50th and 51st and features all sorts of fresh fruit, produce, bread, and cheese.  Plus Blondie and Brownie are reporting that Katchkie Farms (the same farm that is in at the Port Authority Greenmarket on Thursdays) will be at Rock Center every Friday (i.e. today) selling sandwiches and lasagna (?!?)  The Rock Center Greenmarket will run every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8am to 6pm through September 4th.

A Look at the Rock Center Greenmarket from Years Past

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  • You’re about 2 days late, Zach! It’s been awesome; the wineries are all from Long Island and you can sample a bunch of their wines. A nice break indeed.

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