Rock Center Greenmarket is Open for Business

I am a little gay for farmer’s markets.  It’s something that’s happened in the past year, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I love picking out fresh produce, and knowing that it is not only super fresh, but that it was actually grown really close to where it’s going to end up being eaten.  You might be surprised to know that underneath this fat exterior of a guy, who eats some of the unhealthiest things for lunch every day, is actually somone who goes home every night and cooks dinner for his hard working wife.  Last night, it was Thai green curry, with fresh basil purchased yesterday from the just opened Midtown Farmer’s Market!

I’m excited to report, yesterday was the first day of the annual Midtown Farmer’s Market.  Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the next two months, there will be a Greenmarket, with fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, jam and more- all set up right in front of 30 Rock (between 49th & 50th, between 5th & 6th Ave.)  It may not be ideal for Midtown Lunch’ing, but it is great for a piece of fruit to go with your already purchased lunch, or a little dessert from one of the places selling baked goods.

Each day will bring a different rotation of local farms selling stuff, but here are some of the ones I saw yesterday:  Red Jacket Orchards, Newfield Farms, Migliorelli Farm (Trivoli, NY), Katchkie Farm, Valley Shepherd, Meredith’s Bread (Kingston, NY), and Breezy Hill Orchard.  To find out more about the greenmarkets in NYC go to  Now, on to the porn:

More pics after the jump…

Farmer’s Market, Rock Center, Wed-Fri 8am to 6pm through August 17th


  • How bout a curry recipe, zach?

  • Thanks for the tip. Pics are gorgeous.

  • I’m waiting for someone to wrongly attack Zach for the (entirely proper) use of the word gay.

  • Meh, pretty mature audience here. “I am happy/giddy/excited/gay for farmers markets”

    Looks fine.

  • “I am a market for little gay farmers.”
    “I am a farmer for gay little markets.”

    Both of these are also wonderful sentences using the same words. Gay+farmer+little+markets=all goodness.

    I hope for this to be the most barely-on-topic post ever.

  • I think “not ashamed to admit it” in the following line is close enough in proximity to “not that there’s anything wrong with that” to assume the gay reference was not simply happy. I think it was a sort of ambiguous hybrid, which made it funny…

  • Wait for it…

  • Is it only through August 17 or for the next two months (Sept 17th)? I’m confused.


    Sorry.  I’m a retard who can’t count.  It’s until Aug 17th, or for the next month. -zach

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