Midtown Links (The “Why Are We Here Again?” Edition)

Apparently my kid doesn’t believe in having a go-to lunch

  • Curry Hill is out of bounds, but this $10 all you can eat kebab deal sounds pretty sweet [Grub Street]
  • Cucina & Co. in Rock Center now has whoopie pies [Blondie and Brownie]
  • Downtown Lunch fave closed for operating without a permit [Grub Street]
  • Speaking of Downtown, Yvo revisits the Fried Chicken Cart she first wrote about on ML [Feisty Foodie]
  • I get “Grilled” by A Hamburger Today [AHT]



    (err, not Harry, lordie no – rather, Zach on ‘Grilled’)

  • Is that really what he’s saying? Because it kinda looks like he wants you to share your drink with him.

  • i think harry is saying “you might need to change me in 5, dad”

  • on a serious note- harry is so freaking cute! i love the last friday post!!!

  • Zach, I am sorely disappointed that YOU have apparently succumbed to the siren call of the Serious Eats ‘New York City World Headquarters’, and permitted them to GRILL you.

    I mean, other men (of less following and of less stature) have heard the sirens on the Island of Lesbos (I’m sorry, I meant of New Yawk City): the English Argonaut, the Paupered Chef in Chicago, the computer programmer presently dining in Rhode Island, and many other hapless, unsuspecting Argonauts presently plying the dangerous seas of the New York City food blogs.

    May you survive your misadventure upon the rocky shores of Odysseus’ Ithaca.

  • DocChuck just has his wet panties (peed’um again) in a bunch because the other folks who have been grilled have (as they should have) for the most part banned him from commenting on their blogs. Being the dumbass Arkansas hick that he is, he thinks this means you will ban him too.

    If only…..if only….it’d be like an extra Christmas for all of us here on MTL

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    C’mon Fred, fess up:

    You sit when you pee, yes?

  • Fred, I REALLY hate to disappoint you.

    But despite ALL of your (and your little group of frustrated, unemployed, unhappy, divorced female friends) many determined efforts; despite ALL of your anonymous posts, your imitator posts, and your scores of posts — such as “Fred”, I still post on any website that I choose.

    Like you, I know how to use ‘anonymous’ servers, and I know how to fabricate many, yes DOZENS, of handles if I so choose.

    But unlike you, I have not yet chosen to post under ANY handle other my own. If I should decide to do so — watch out!

    Now, Fred (Louise Chiffonade Brescia and Melissa, aka ‘Jerzee Tomato’) why don’t you go back to hounding your ex-husbands for their overdue child support checks?

    Now, PLEASE, could we return to making APPROPRIATE comments on this wonderful and informative website?

  • Bossman: Nah, Wilma hasn’t bobbit’ed me yet, so I can still hit the can from a few feet away

    DocChuck: I don’t see you posting on many sites you once did, including (but not limited to) Off the Broiler, Serious Eats, Roadfood, and Beef Aficianado. Serious Eats even comes out and declares you banned: http://www.seriouseats.com/talk/2007/07/what-happened-to-doc-chuck.html The admins and readership simply dont want you there. So no, you dont post everywhere you want to, but self-delusion has always been one of your strong points. The only reason you are still permitted here is because Zach doesn’t want to ban anyone, but hopefully you’ll slip up with one of the many strongly anti-semitic posts you have made elsewhere, and Zach will finally decide that enough is enough.

  • If you want to understand the DocChuck problem a bit better, here’s some places to start

    The author of deepdishdreams writes about him:

    The author of Off the Broiler gives us a screenshot showing proof of the multiple personalities – same ip addr, different names

    Jason Perlow of Off the Broiler on DocChuck very briefly:

    Josh Ozersky is willing to take the crazy for the entertainment value (which seems more or less to be the case here on MTL as well)

    Or – see for yourself
    google “charles treuter” +docchuck

  • I’m really amazed at how facially expressive Harry is considering he’s… 7-8 months old now. The first few Friday pics, I thought were just you-happened-to-catch-good-shots cuz, as a new parent, you’re probably constantly taking pics of him. But as the weeks go on, I’m just really impressed that Harry has so many facial expressions…
    Then again, both my nephews, before the age of 1, knew to fake-smile as soon as a camera was pointed at them. It was kind of scary.

  • @ “Fred” — ROFLMAO!

    Babe, you REALLY need to get off that bottle of PAVLOV, get a job, and find a REAL man that can take your mind off of the internet, for at least a few minutes — LOL!

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