Schnipper’s Green Chile Cheeseburger

$9 is a bit pricey for my tastes, but the Green Chile Cheeseburger from Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen (on 41st & 8th) that Always Hungry wrote about this week looks pretty damn tasty. Plus from the looks of the photo, they might have done away with the “all burgers are cooked medium” thing. (Unless the pink in the middle is just special treatment for reporters…)


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    Hi Midtownlunchers. We at Schnipper’s have been cooking burgers to any temperature for months now. So if you like it bloody rare or medium well, we got you covered. And we now have a frquent burger card – buy ten get one free.

  • Whoa whoa whoa. Let’s just be clear. I’m sure that Schnipper’s poblano burger is very tasty, but as a New Mexico native, I really have to object to the use of ‘green chile cheeseburger’. If only to spare other relocated NM’ers the short gasp of excitement and crushing disappointment I just endured.

    A green chile is a very special thing that is incredibly hard to find outside of New Mexico. A poblano pepper, while technically a chile that also happens to be green, is an entirely different animal.

    Andrew, start roasting some Big Jims from Hatch and you’ll have a faithful customer on your hands, with an army of NM ex-pats to follow.

  • I really like Green Chile Cheeseburgers, particularly when made with ground bison topped with Velveeta (yes, I’m thinking about patenting that wonderful, culinarily orgasmic combination).

    But — $9.00 for a green chile cheeseburger? REALLY???

    Hell, I can buy a pound of ground bison at my local GIANT supermarket for only $4.29. Let’s see, that would make what, FOUR average burger patties. Then my favorite Food Lion sells green chiles from Hatch for $2.29 per pound.

    WOW! Imagine a medium rare “Green Chile Bison Burger” (free of any chemicals so it can be cooked rare, if one likes).

    Of course, you New Yawk folks don’t have the time or expertise to cook your own burger, so I say, $9.00 is obviously the way for YOU to go.

    But not for me.

  • Is there any place in NYC that actually sells Hatch chiles, or is my only option the internets? There are so many great recipes out there that call for Hatch chiles that I really want to try.

  • DocChuck – do you really want all of us to tell you “the way for YOU to go”?

  • @sandra: You can buy canned Hatch chiles a number of places. Trader Joe’s has just started carrying their own brand and a lot of natural food shops will randomly carry them. For the real thing, however, the internets are the only way to go. And now is a good time to buy because the chile roasting season in NM has just begun.

  • ‘FRED’ we all (or at least most of us, including Zach who has access to your IP address) know who you are and what you are about, there in HOTlanta.

    And to answer your question: NO, I do not need you to tell me anything, especially while you are sucking on that bottle of PAVLOV.

    Now, may we return to the SERIOUS subject of green chile cheeseburgers (even though I understand that YOU have never experienced such a delight when growing up in Brooklyn 50 years ago).

  • I grew up in Bedrock.

    That said, your delusions of who I am pale in comparison to your many delusions about yourself and your own life. You are a waste of human flesh.

  • I think that my point has been proven, adequately.

  • My apologies, I left off a word

    Corrected statement: you are a worthless waste of human flesh

  • Fred, isn’t there a local mental ward you could visit if you wanted to argue with the insane? Next time you feel compelled to feed the troll, perhaps you should visit one instead :)

    (I know, by posting this I’m feeding the troll as well, but I actually am making an effort to stop)

  • Mr. Prato, your effort to stop, like most of your other efforts in life, has obviously not worked out for you.

    Perhaps you and ‘Fred’ (I can give you her address and phone number if you are really that infatuated with her) could get together and take a sabbatical down in HOTlanta.

    Oh, and Mr. Prato, ironically, you may have hit upon a ‘nerve’ (so to speak) with you reference to a ‘mental ward’.

    Your friend, ‘FRED’ has spent time in TWO of those types of facilities after her TWO attempted, but failed, suicide attempts.

    Oh yes, it is a matter of public record!

  • Keep in mind that this woman in Atlanta is a conjuration of DocChuck’s venereal-disease-fevered-dreams. Me? I live nowhere near there, as Zach could easily verify via ip lookup. It’s ironic that he has her placed for a time in a mental institution, perhaps this plays into his own occasional realization (at a subconscious level?) of where he truly ought to be himself

  • The only respectable green chile I’ve found in NYC has been at Los Dos Molinos down by Union Square… well out of any ML boundaries but damn good Christmas Style Cheese Enchiladas

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