Breaking the Buffet Rules

DSC00327The ML Guide to Beating the All You Can Eat Buffet shouldn’t need an entry telling you not to eat on your way to the buffet (it’s just common sense), but there is a part of me that has a tremendous amount of respect for a guy who stops at Woorijip and Mandoo Bar on the way to the Ichi Umi sushi buffet (fmr. Todai.)  [Tasty Chomps]


  • that guy has good taste – woorijip ftw… mandoo bar: FAIL

  • haha thanks for the post!
    this was actually towards the end of my day in manhattan

    i started at 12 noon

    dumplings at prosperity dumplings – 5 for $1.00
    Banh mi saigon – $3.45
    Lombardi’s Pizza and yeungling – $26.00
    Tuck Shop meat pie- $5.00
    Lox and Bagel – Russ and Daughters – $9.45
    Pastrami sandwich – Katz – $14.95
    Veneiro’s Pastry Shop – $6.00
    Momofuku Milk Bar – $5.00
    pit stop at cafe – $3.50
    Gray’s Papaya – $4.00 – thanks Ronny!
    Mandoo Bar – $6.00

    = 43.20 per person

    Dinner at Ichi Umi – ~$40.00

    a delicious day in manhattan….priceless!

    since I went with a friend, we split it about half for most of the stuff minus dinner

  • most of the visits are here:

    but theyre mostly in lower east side, so not necessarily midtown, but i do have one entry left: the 53rd and 6th halal cart late night visit!…soon…

  • Hats off to youTastyChomps…that is quite a food accomplishment…as well as a dream I have. How did you feel after?

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    TastyChomps is a hero. I’ve never been able to bring myself to eat at mandoo bar, despite how often I find myself in koreatown, because of the price.

  • Mandoo bar is good. Their dumplings are solid, albeit high end pricewise…

  • after that day i was hungry for more ahah. i actually went to flushing the next day for a second adventure. some of the food i ate in manhattan were some of the best ive eaten in my life but some of them were just okay (mandoo bar was ok). id rather have prosperity dumplings 5 for $1.00 lol

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    You should consider going to the chinese buffet “East Buffet” located in Flushing. Their buffet has a lot of variety including tons of seafood dishes. Besides, they have a summer promotion now. Lunch for $7.50, dinner for $14 (Monday to Friday), and lunch for $9 and dinner for $15.5 during weekend. You can also print a $2 coupon for lunch and $4 for dinner if you register at thier website. It is very esay to get there. Just take an express #7 train to Main Street, Flushing. It is about a 30 minutes ride. Here is their website :


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    That’ll do, TastyChomps. That’ll do.

  • Nice. I wish I could eat all that in one day.

    East Buffet is only OK at best in Flushing. I do like their summer promotion prices though.
    Note, there isn’t #7 express on weekends but Flushing isn’t too bad of a trip. There’s also a East Buffet in Elmhurst which I thought was okay for lunch but I never heard good things about it for dinner.

  • Tasty Chomps — just how big are you? (And is your friend even larger?) We normal eaters have enquiring minds…

  • i am about 5’10, 170 lbs , been working out… :D

    kobayashi wasn’t humungo but he did have a humungo appetite

  • i think i may have gained like 10 lbs after that weekend tho

  • Doesn’t Kobayashi has chronic jaw pain now? Well, TMJ.

    Too bad he can’t beat Chestnut anymore in wieners and buns but he did man up on the Pizza Hut P’Zones.

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