Free Burger, Shake, or Egg Cream FAIL (Updated)

Following in the footsteps of their newest offshoot HB Burger (who have been handing out free milkshake coupons for weeks on various corners near their restaurant) the actual Heartland Brewery wants to remind people that they have burgers and shakes of their own! They’ll be handing out coupons for a free burger, shake, or egg cream at the NYC & Co “Information Booth” (on 7th Ave. btw. 52+53rd) tomorrow, and Thursday (7/29-30) starting at 9am. It’s a “while supplies last” kind of thing on both days, so you might want to get there early.

Urgh. Disregard this entire post. The NYCGO intern who emailed about me about this giveaway got confused between HB Burger and Heartland Brewery (two different restaurants!) and the difference between a free burger, and a free egg cream. The coupons that will be handed out tomorrow and Thursday are for HB Burger, and are the same coupons they’ve been handing out on 43rd street for a month. (Free egg cream, homemade soda, or mini sundae w/ purchase. No burger.) It’s a tough economy, and I don’t want some poor schmuck of an intern to get in trouble or fired… so I’m going to try and contain my anger. Perhaps with some free ice cream…


  • That coupon must be “with purchase” again? Those are FAKE free coupons in my eyes.

  • The HB Burger free egg cream coupons are with purchase, but I think these Heartland Brewery Coupons are just straight up “free burger”.

  • The coupon is good for a free burger, shake, or egg cream WITHOUT purchase.

    NO strings attached!

  • Oy, such a tough decision!!!

  • @RockCenter – Is it wrong of me to think that the fact that you used the term “oy” means you’ll probably end up choosing the egg cream?

  • @Zach: What is an ‘Egg Cream’? Frozen Egg Nog?

  • Awesomeness on the free burger. Don’t mind the skepticism. That free egg cream with purchase coupon didn’t leave me with the best impressions, plus it was also sit down only if I recall correctly.

  • I think it’s like chocolate milk with seltzer.

  • @Zach: Ohhhhh that. Yeah, not many places still make that.

  • @Zach YES. (though I didn’t use “oy” for that reason – I LOVE CHOCOLATE EGG CREAMS – does that sound wrong?)

    To the rest of you:
    Yes, an egg cream is basically chocolate milk with seltzer. Most places use Hershey’s, but only some places use an AWESOME syrup known as “U Bet.” It tastes MUCH better.

    One place that’s nearby us that uses U Bet (a Queens creation, btw)?

    GOODBURGER!!! (I will love them forever for this reason)

  • HAHAHA. Too good to be true. Oh well.
    Whatever I guess. Forget the useless coupon…

  • “chocolate milk with seltzer” ?!?!?!?

    you… you… heathens

    No self-respecting egg cream maker would ever commit such heresy…. it’s like calling a chocolate shake ‘iced milk with some sugar’

    milk …seltzer… SYRUP (correct, U-bet is preferred) – ice cold glass, spoon

    holy fuck… chocolate milk with seltzer.. jesus wept

    we better start educating you midwest freaks prior to NYC admittance before you ruin everything

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    Spoon?! I’m pretty sure Jesus said, “Judge not, lest ye also be judged a closeted midwestern freak for not knowing that an egg cream must be stirred with a pretzel rod.”

  • wayne, as an NYC native, I agree that the way you put it is the correct way, but sometimes you need to dumb it down ;)

    haha, I’ve actually never used a pretzel rod to stir my egg creams, though I may try it from now on…

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    So it contains neither eggs nor cream? May as well have called it General Tso’s Delicious Beverage.

  • Ouch. Dan L, just a warning, be prepared to be reamed by any New Yorkers (esp. Brooklynites) if they read your comment…

    (Egg Cream is to Brooklyn as bagels are to NYC)

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