More Changes to the XPL Empire

photo.jpgLooks like there have been a lot of changes since XPL took 5th place in Street Meat Palooza 2. Not only did the owners of XPL sell their 3rd Ave. cart to the guy who mans it, but they took away the XPL cart that used to be parked on Broadway btw. 53+54th.  The same guy still operates on that block, but out of a different cart now.  Based on the comments, I don’t think anything has changed at the 3rd Ave. location, but the food from the Broadway cart didn’t look like XPL style food (even though the guy manning the Broadway cart hasn’t changed.) Anybody a big fan of the Broadway cart and know what’s up?  Let us know in the comments…

48th & 3rd XPL No Longer Affiliated With Park Ave. XPL?
Overheard at XPL: “What’s Falafel?”


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    Ignore the fact that with the new pedestrian and bike lane on Broadway this is one of the more pleasant blocks in midtown. Ignore the fact that the guy working this cart may be one of the most good-natured street meat vendors in midtown. The food is awesome. The chicken is FRESH and well-cooked, not like the stringy stuff you get off many other carts. The lamb is well spiced and in chunks large enough that you can actually spear it with a fork. The spicy rice is the best rice I have had off a cart. It is sad, and more than a little perverse, that in the world of street vending we are getting caught up in branding and corporate image. This is just freakin’ good food. Do me favor and stay away–I hate lines. Do yourself a favor and try it out.

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    I also saw a cart that was labeling itself XPL on 42nd and 2nd.

  • @lollie – Actually, that cart is a legit XPL cart. Forgot to mention that one!

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