Famous Halal Guys and Five Guys Are Great Hangover Food

Mixed Combo @ the famous Chicken & Rice Cart on 53rd & 6th Ave.

If you thought the Midtown Lunch commenters could get nasty, check out this comment on Something Awful asking for the best drunk/hangover food:

“Chicken and lamb over rice from a halal cart. Squirt enough harissa over it to scare the evil right out of you (and burn your o-ring when you’ve got the beer shits the next morning). Preferably from the 53rd & 6th cart.

Another commenter agreed, and added his own recomendation:

“I would take that cart behind the school and get it pregnant. Drunk, I almost always swing Mexican. If not Mexican, then Five Guys.”



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    I thought I never see the day when I would see Something Awful being quoted here.

  • Wow, sick fawker trying to violate cart? Things people “won’t” do when they’re drunk (sky’s the limtis?).

    I don’t think he was taking about food when he said Mexican and Five Guys.

  • what’s next? A link to 4chan?

  • This kind of shit is what separates Zach from the lame food bloggers of the world (e.g. everyone else)

    Next goal: ML on Fark

  • Digg. It’s what’s for dinner.

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    Oh god…4chan…

    Well as long as we don’t see any links from /b/ I think this blog still has hope.

  • :rofl: @ 4chan and SA comments.

    If Zach were to quote 4chan there wouldd have to be some sort of /b/ sign in front of a halal cart with some half naked girl posing. Get on that.

  • chris, please, let’s not go there :)

  • @Formz: It’s a trap!

  • does Zach have stairs in his house?

  • Most of us live in Manhattan so the answer is no we do not have stairs nor do we probably live in a house.

  • @Spam: Jersey City yo. Triplex. Lots of stairs.

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    I can agree that most of us probably work in Manhattan rather than living here.

  • I’m in Riverdale (NW Bronx). I’m not sure how much money I’d have to make for me to consider living in Manhattan. But if I had that much money, I probably wouldn’t be concerned with spending under $10 for lunch (I say that after treating one of my reports to lunch today at an indian buffet).

  • I live in “Five Guys” home territory and I had NEVER eaten in one of their dives until I found myself in York, PA., on the way to our resort in Bar Harbor, Maine.

    We had a sudden hankerin’ (I guess that’s a Southen’ term that you Bronx types would have to Google) for a burger. We spotted a ‘Five Guys’ in York and decided to pull in.

    What a joke. The ‘counterman’ couldn’t even understand our order, and we ended up with THREE orders of fries — THREE!

    The burgers were way overcooked, and ‘mediocre’ would be a generous term for which to describe them.

    Let me guess, ‘adamprato’ is an expert on FiveGuys and will tell me where we went wrong — LOL!

    No thanks, we succumbed to temptation and made the mistake of eating in a fast-food joint. OUR FAULT!

    Never again.

  • Nope. I think Five Guys is overrated (as is the burger joint).

    But what’s funny is how everyone else in the world is dumb, but not CockChug09. He’s one smart cookie. He knows more than everyone else. Him and his fancy vocabulary, and his fancy hat to match.

  • Yeah, so smart he’s posting about burgers on a thread about halal food (?!).

    Not to mention the fact that the master of communication who can rightly judge someone’s ability to grasp the English language expects everyone to understand why “THREE orders of fries — THREE!” is so outlandish when he never qualified what the quantity involved is for “we” and “our” (did you expect only two? Did you expect 5 because you were traveling with family?).

  • Ah shit, it’s in the friggin subject. Didn’t even notice that.

  • @CheeeeEEEEsssee epic lulz

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