The ML Early Adopters Word on Xie Xie

"A little Xie Xie goes a long way"
Photo posted to the ML Flickr Pool by Chris6Sigma

Lunch’er Chris6Sigma descended on the two day old Xie Xie yesterday (on 9th Ave. and 45th), uploaded some photos to the ML Flickr Photo Pool, and had this to say in the comments:

Just got back – chicken and cilantro sandwich was tasty, nice fresh, balanced flavors. The baguette was a little tough to chew, and was stiff enough to have that annoying trait where all the innards of the sandwich squish out when you take a bite.

At $8.50, it is on the pricey side, esp for the size of the sandwich, though it is more filling than it looks. Maybe knock off a dollar off of each sandwich and it’s worth a visit.

I should also note that this particular sandwich was VERY messy. I wouldn’t order it if you don’t want to walk around the office with sandwich shrapnel on your Brooks Brothers shirt.

Check it out, after the jump…

Chicken and Cilantro sandwich from Xie Xie

For a look at the chi chi (pun intended) interior, check out the slideshow posted by Grub Street.

Xie Xie is Finally Opening Today


  • that sandwich is packed nice! the sammies downtown are skimpy!

  • Yeah that sandwich looks messy. But in my food world, messy equals delicious!
    I’ve had crusty and stiff baguettes that actually caused my lips to bleed. I would be careful eating this sandwich when I try out this place one day.

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    The review of the new Xie Xie sandwich by Lunch’er Chris6Sigma, published on July 24, 2009, has left me enraged.

    Chris6Sigma writes:

    “I should also note that this particular sandwich was VERY messy. I wouldn’t order it if you don’t want to walk around the office with sandwich shrapnel on your Brooks Brothers shirt.”

    However, in my Midtown Lunch profile, published on February 10, 2009, I wrote the following:

    “Good food shouldn’t require gimmicks and if it is truly outstanding I won’t mind dripping green jalepeno sauce on my newly dry-cleaned shirt.”

    I clearly formulated “the destruction of a nice shirt” as a criterion on which to judge a sandwich. I even advised that this criterion is to be ignored if the sandwich is especially tasty. Chris6Sigma has clearly applied my standard and come to the conclusion that the Xie Xie sandwich fails.

    Just as Joseph McCarthy received credit for his meticulous development of a standard upon which to determine the level of Communist ideology contained within the mind of a given individual, I should be credited every time the “dirty-shirt standard” is applied to determine whether the quality of a sandwich justifies shirt destruction.

    I don’t mind the use of my formulation, but, since no credit was given to the author, I have one message for Chris6Sigma: You’re getting sued. Bummer dude.

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    My coworker and I ordered the lobster roll and boy do we feel ripped-off. The worst sandwich in town. The worst part is mine wasn’t even toasted. The roll was not even a true roll, they trimmed the ends and side off a bread and serve it to you like that. The roll got soggy really fast from all the mayo. I think they should change the name of the sandwich to mayo and lots of mayo.

  • I still don’t understand what their quote, “A little xie xie goes a long way”. Maybe they’re preemptively apologizing for the sandwich size?

    @NOLA Steve – Next time I draw a parallel that compares food blogging to Communist inquisitions from the 1960′s, i’ll ensure you get due credit.

  • Hmmmm.. 2 banh mis or one expensive xie xie.
    I think I’ll stick to the cheap banh mis. Either way, it’s a trip to Xie Xie or a trip to Chinatown. I choose chinatown. Haha.

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