Xie Xie is Finally Opening Today


And now a Public Service Announcement from Captain Obvious:  “Asian sandwiches are blowing up people!”  And it seems like they’re all attracted to the outskirts of Midtown Lunch’ing. First, Baoguette brought the almighty banh mi to Lexington btw. 25+26th.  Then last week Mantao hit us with the mantou Chinese sandwich on 53rd btw. 2+3rd.  And now welcome the latest upscale Asian sandwich joint to (almost) land in Midtown: Xie Xie (pronounced Shay Shay), which will open on 9th Ave. btw. 45+46th today. Last night they had some sort of “let us know what you think by filling out these comment cards” soft opening that was by invite only, and “unless the place blows away overnight” it should be open to the public today at 11:30am.  So if you’re one of those “I want to be the very first ones to eat this thing that everyone will be writing about in a week”, and don’t mind the hefty price tag for a sandwich, today is the day.  (I’ll probably stop by… I’m sorry, I can’t help myself when Asian sandwich are involved!)

The 5 sandwich menu, which they were handing out on the sidewalk last night (and appears to be unchanged since Grub Street posted it last month, minus the wine)- can be seen after the jump…

Fish Cha Ca La Vong – Onion Jam, Sriracha Mayonnaise, Dill – $8.75
Sweet Glazed Pork – Chinese Bun, Sweet & Sour Condiment – $8.50
Vietnamese BBQ Beef – Basil Mayo, Carrot Kimchee – $9.00
Shredded Braised Chicken – Smoked Egg Salad, Cilantro – $8.50
Asian Lobster Roll – Kewpie Mayo, Tarragon, Crispy Shallots – $14.00

“1000 Year Old” Ice Cream Sandwich – Chocolate Cookie, Black Caramel – $4.00
Xie Xie Fortune Cookie – Yuzu cream – $3.00

Boylan Soda – $2.25
Mash Soda – $2.00
Fiji Water – $1.75
Red Jacket Orchards Juice – $2.25

Pop Chips – $1

Xie Xie, 645A 9th Ave. (btw. 45+46), 212-265-2975


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