Ok, Seriously? NOW This Froyo Thing is Getting Ridiculous


Somebody please make it stop. I spotted this sign on 8th Ave. btw. 46+47th inside a Subway/Papa John’s combo. ONE BLOCK AWAY from a Red Mango! Nobody is going to eat your crappy froyo rip off. Can you just answer me this. WHY?????

Another Terribly Named FroYo Place (Plus more from the Church’s Food Court on 8th Ave.)


  • Waste of money and time. It’s a Subway’s/ Papa john’s first of all. Why not shell out a Haagen Daaz instead?

    Good luck STEALING business from Red Mango. I doubt their berries froyo will cut it.

  • It’s properly called a PapaDaazWay. Wish I could claim credit for the term, but I can’t.

  • Why don’t they do less of the others and stick with the usual?? Red Mango and Pinkberry. I’m getting too confused with the rest!

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    Why all the whining?

    Come on. We’re living in a city where the KFC name ripoffs have their own name ripoffs.

    Kentucky Fried Chicken begat Kennedy Fried Chicken begat JFK Chicken, and so on…

    Fascinating look at said chicken name ripoffs here:


    Seriously. Who cares? Sure, it’s stupid, but (shrug)

    I’m just glad it’s not another empty Manhattan storefront:



  • Who eats this overpriced ridiculous “froyo” crap anyway? And for the haters, maybe the stuff served at this shop is as good as or better than the Red Mango ripoff. Have you tried it yourself?

  • I hear Rudy is openng up a shop called Taupe Dinkleberry to further confuse things

  • If RedBerry was better, then it wouldn’t need the powerhouses of Papa and Subs there.

    I personally only like Red Mango and that’s only a once in a blue moon deal because it’s not the same as ice icream and it never will be. I stopped there and didn’t even bother with the Pinkberry hype or anywhere else. Why tease your taste buds or deprive yourself of actual fatass ice cream anyway? If I want ice cream, that’s what the supermarket is for or any of the local ice creamies. I recently tried the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory in front of Grand Central and they’re definitiely tastier than any froyo nonsense. No comparison.

  • hilarioius how they come up with names.
    red mango
    what else, what else….

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    Then there’s the Irish froyo place.

    You know the one, started in County Dingle?

    It’s not going over too well. Something about the name. Doesn’t taste so good, either. And the mix-ins are kinda limited. Corn, nuts.

    I keed, I keed….

  • “If RedBerry was better, then it wouldn’t need the powerhouses of Papa and Subs there. ”

    Not necessarily – marketing would have a lot to do with it. Just b/c something is better doesn’t guarantee success.

    Besides, froyo preference is so subjective – some people may actually like redBerry better…

  • Yea, I can agree that RedBerry flavor-wise might might be better subjectively to some people. Not everyone is going to enjoy Green Tea, Pomegranate, or Tangomonium flavor that Red Mango offers.
    But if they were any good (at the business-planning perspective since you brouhgt up marketing), they have to do it alone without two other legs to keep them steady and prove themselves. That’s just my opinion seeing all these other useless types of froyos popping up. How can they separate their brand from others? They will just be lost in the shuffle and crushed by the Red Mango and Pinkberry giants then.

  • If nothing else, I bet that RedBerry is probably less expensive than RM/PB. That right there is a vacant market niche to exploit: reasonably-priced soft-serve frozen yogurt. What a concept.

  • At least there isn’t a Froyo cart (yet?). Now that would be something different…if mr. softee doesn’t make them sleep with the fishes.

  • I’d eat it if its cheaper.

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