Another Terribly Named FroYo Place (Plus more from the Church’s Food Court on 8th Ave.)


Wasn’t the horrible economy supposed to put an end to this?  That was going to be the one good thing about complete and total economic collapse:  no more random FroYo places with terrible names.  And then this comes along inside the Church’s Fried Chicken food court on 8th Ave. btw. 44+45th.  Are you joking?  WTF is Voguert?  Seriously.  What… the… fuck… is Voguert? With Red Mango located just one block away, I give this one 3 months top.

There is some semi-worthwhile news from the 8th Ave. food court…


All the weird, non-chain food has been replaced by a Subway (and the yogurt.)  So now the mini food court is a pretty standard (read:boring) pizza place, Subway (which was packed yesterday at Noon), Nathan’s/Arthur Treacher’s/Kenny Rogers Roasters, and of course… Church’s Fried Chicken (the saving grace).


In fact, right now all combos at Church’s are 10% off.  Enjoy!


  • Voguert: frozen dairy treat made with the DNA remains of Kurt Vonnegut

    Try the ice-nine flavor, it’s to die for

  • Not bad, wayne. Not bad.

  • Voguert: frozen dairy treat you eat in order to be “en vogue”.

  • maybe it’s from some women who used to work at Vogue? They were laid off, and since print media is dying, they decided to switch careers. And what do skinny fashionistas know better than fro-yo? So they made Voguert. no? just a theory.

  • Seriously, who backs these kinds of crappy concepts? I can think of many concepts that would be better than this…

  • I’m opening up my own fro-yo place shortly, it’s called “Yfjsdl.” Just so you don’t mispronounce it, the Y is silent.

  • The slogan continues the confusion:

    Voguert is the new Vogue


  • Can someone who has been confirm the Kenny Rogers Roasters? I thought there were none left in the US.

  • @Wade – Sorry… I didn’t mean to get your hopes up… Nathan’s food court locations sell chicken sandwiches and a few other items under the “Kenny Rogers Roasters” label. It’s not the real deal with rotisserie chicken, etc.

    And now that you mention it, I’m not 100% positive this location had it… but the Nathan’s in Penn Station definitely does.

  • “Fro-Yo” itself is a terrible name. And anyone who lines up to buy this stuff regularly has more money than sense. I’d rather have a pint of real Ben & Jerry’s than a tiny serving of this processed rip-off any day.

  • Is this endorsed by Madonna?

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