Free Food Alert: Red Mango Opening on 45th & 8th Ave.


From Eater (via FatWallet)

Another day, another fro-yo opening, another promise of free goods. Today a Red Mango opens on 45th and 8th Ave., and promises to give away their goods from 3-10pm.

My track record with free frozen yogurt  is not that great, but this one seems legit.  A phone call to the location confirmed that the new Red Mango will be giving away the small size frozen yogurt with one topping.  723 8th Ave. (btw. 45+46th).  Enjoy!

Update:  It’s pretty cold out for fro-yo, but it was free so how could I resist.  See what ”free” should really get you, after the jump…

Now that’s a free cup of yogurt!  I went with the green tea (you have a choice between green tea or plain) and had trouble picking out my free topping, until the guy behind the register uttered these magic words: “Green Tea tastes really good with Cap’n Crunch.”  Well that’s all I needed to hear.  I have managed to avoid Pinkberry, so I don’t have a real basis for comparison.  It has the same consistency as soft serve frozen yogurt, but you can actually taste that it is made from yogurt.  And yes, green tea does taste excellent with Cap’n Crunch.  Charge me $5, and I might not be as enthusiastic, but for free it was pretty damn tasty.


  • Green tea tasted great with Mochi too. I like them much more than Pink Berry.

  • The plain is good too! But I don’t get any toppings… Red Mango is alot creamier than Pinkberry.

  • I have to admit, the hefty price tag would usually deter me. But, since I live in Texas and was visiting my sister in NY, I went for it. I’ve tried both pinkberry and red mango and I’d have to go with red mango. The yogurt is creamier and less tart. Any combination of fresh fruit and mochi is the best, but my sister talked me into some Fruity Pebbles, which I must admit was pretty tasty.

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