Free Food Reminder

Don’t forget today’s free food giveaway from Noon to 2pm on the second floor of the Time Warner Center to celebrate the launch of Restaurant Week.


  • porter house new york and the tribeca grill ran out of food quite early, adding to the lines at the other three venues. event staff didn’t really have a handle on the situation and arbitrarily closed off the line for db bistro moderne, which looked like it was serving the best samples (didn’t get to taste). by the time i found it reopened, it was way too long. even coca-cola ran out of product before 1 o’clock.

  • Free food events like this isn’t worth the hassle.

  • I got there between 1 and 1:30 as mentioned before Porter House and Tribeca Grill were done. I did manage to get a couple of orders of raw tuna with tapioca and a citrus dressing from Spice Market or Bice (not sure which but there was virtually no lineO that was a fairly tasty snack. Lines for everything else were crazy long. I did get to meet Kelly Choi for whatever that’s worth.

  • I wish I had gotten to see Kelly Choi. Her norks look brilliant in HD. Waste of a walk up there for me.

  • crap, seeing kelly choi could have saved this fail for me.

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