BLOCKBUSTER: Tim Hortons Set to Invade New York City

Ice Crack in a cup

Although recently they’ve been really good about it, I’ve given the Riese Company a lot of crap over the years for not participating in various free food promotions at some of their Midtown franchises.¬† Well after reading this news on the NRN Website I’m here to say I TAKE IT ALL BACK:

The Riese Organization, a longtime multi-concept franchisee in New York City, is converting all 13 of its Dunkin’ Donuts stores to the Tim Hortons brand… Riese said he plans to close the Dunkin’ locations on Friday and reopen the stores July 13 under the Tim Hortons banner.

According to a different article on NRN, Tim Hortons also has cut a deal to co-brand three Manhattan locations of Cold Stone Creamery with Tim Hortons (including the Times Square location on 42nd btw. 7+8th), which will hopefully clear the way for items like¬† “muffin ‘bowls’ (i.e., with the tops removed) to serve ice cream in, ice cream-based coffee drinks or donut piece mix-ins for the ice cream as potential exclusive menu items at the co-branded locations.” My lord.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tim Hortons, it is basically the Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts started by a famous hockey player named Tim Horton (natch). I’ve only had it once (on a road trip to Montreal) and I can’t speak for their doughnuts- but based on their iced cappuccino alone I am pretty excited to welcome Tim Hortons to Midtown with open arms! It is like ice cold crack in a cup, and I will probably drink one every day between now and the end of the summer.

As for why Riese is no longer in business with DD, the original article goes on to note that Dunkin Donuts claims to have terminated their contract due to “violated health and safety regulations”. (Not a surpise to anybody who has walked into a Tad’s Steak.) I don’t care either way… I will take a dirty Tim Hortons over no Tim Hortons any day of the week. As long as they don’t screw up those iced cappuccinos.

A list of all Riese owned Dunkin Donuts locations (which will presumably become Tim Hortons locations on Monday) is after the jump.

Midtown Locations:

  • 761 7th Avenue @ 50th St. 212-767-8347
  • 152 West 34th Street bet. 6th & 7th Ave. 212-630-0319
  • 47 East 42nd St. bet. Park & Madison Ave., 212-681-8501
  • Penn Station, LIRR Level, 212-630-0314
  • Madison Square Garden, Taxi Ramp. 212-594-0204

Other Locations:

  • 48 New Street @ Wall St., 212-483-8319
  • 50 Fulton Street @ Cliff St. 212-732-6551
  • 2547 Broadway @ 94th St., 212-316-2915
  • 1276 Lexington Avenue @ 86th St., 212-339-8868
  • 451 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. 718-237-9346
  • 22 Court Street, Brooklyn. 718-624-1107


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    I don’t think they are still in Chpt 11, though they are also the group that brought “much class” to Time Square in the form of The Hawaiian Tropic Zone.

    What doesn’t speak too strongly for the quality of product will be the ability for these sites to be transformed to a new chain over a weekend? Puts to question the quality standards this chain requires in their franchisees.

  • I liked my croissant sandwich, but not sure I see a big difference with their donuts and coffee. A Canadian may beg to differ. Just me? They’ll have to come in at the right price point to be competitive since “America runs on Dunkin Donuts”.

  • meh. If LaMar’s Donuts & Coffee were opening here, then I’d be excited…

    Damn midwesterners…. so LUCKY.

  • FYI:

    There is another major franchisee of DD stores that went into Chapter 11 as well; THIS could also be the reason why DD’s moving out:

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  • I received a call from a Canuck friend of mine yesterday — told me he was having Tim Hortons on 34th St. Exciting stuff…I had no idea they were invading and I’ve been waiting for a long while (I even inquired with central command in 2005 about the possibility of opening the first franchise in the city).

    I live downtown, so this morning I set out to fill up my Tim’s travel mug with a fresh cup. Unfortunately, the two downtown addresses you listed are not converted to Tims — and they were passing out those dollar off coupons at the Fulton St Dunkin Donuts.

    # 48 New Street @ Wall St., 212-483-8319
    # 50 Fulton Street @ Cliff St. 212-732-6551

    Since my office is in midtown, I jumped on the 2 train and got off at 34th st to try that location.

    First impression was very bad.

    1) Line was not too long, but very slow moving (too small a space for all those employees — bad bad setup)
    2) First coffee had sugar when I asked for none, so I had to return it
    3) Second coffee had roughly 3 parts cream to 1 part coffee and was unfortunately undrinkable — I was already down the street before I realized it however

    I love shaking up my coffee rotation. My favorite chains here are Cosi, Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, Pax, Dunkin Donuts, and when I am in Canada, I have Tim’s about 2/3rds of the time…

    …but I am going to give the NYC variants a month or so to get their act together and start acting like a real Tim Horton’s franchise before I give it another chance. What a downer…this is not the way Tim’s should be unveiled to New Yorkers.

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    You guys need a real Tim Hortons…. You cant judge the food on the new employees once they get there act together you wont be disappointed but don’t go there excepting a starbucks coffee becasue you will be disappointed. Were I live the line up can be out of the door but it will only take you 5 mins top to get your double double

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    so as a canadian with a blog and living in nyc i figured it was sort of my duty to vlog about it from the canadians perspective. it’s not the most awesome place like in canada but whatever it’s a start. not that bad though. thought some of you might be interested in this.

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