More Street Vendor Trouble


  • I’ve seen hot dog carts hauled off by the cops before. I wouldn’t be against the law being enforced considering the clutter and the health risks.

  • Most of the illegal permits are “probably” held by the hot dog carts that come out of large warehousing operations. I would guess they are bought and sold through a system of illegal permit brokers who get these vendors set up with a cart and a distribution channel.

    But what the hell do I know? Not much on this subject. It just seems logical. And besides, this a the comment section on, not the frigging NY Times. I don’t need the facts. :)

  • Nice…

    I agree that the health code should be enforced, and carts that don’t comply should be shut down. But I’m guessing the crack down on “illegal permits” is going to effect more vendors using permits that are not in their name, than vendors using illegal permits to avoid DOH concerns. You might care when your favorite, health code following chicken over rice vendor gets shut down because they’re using a permit registered to their dead uncle. Where’s the justice in that!

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