Street Sweets Creates Coffee Shop/Art Gallery in front of MOMA


This morning Lunch’er Lee sends this update on the whole Hot Dog Carts vs. Street Sweets truck showdown on Friday:

I took another picture of the Street Sweets Truck at the end of the day when I left work (about 6pm). Looks like they sorted out whatever they needed to. What I find interesting, is that the space where all the hot dog vendors were parked at 9am, became the space where all the art vendors set up during the day. I think Street Sweets may be on to a truly symbiotic relationship by creating an impromptu coffee/art space, which, we can all agree, makes more sense than a hot dog/art space!

I love it.  Although a coffee/art situation could theoretically compete with the cafe inside MOMA, leading them to “pull a Bistro Milano” and call the cops. Clearly the truck worked something out with the hot dog vendors: Street Sweets is back on 53rd btw. 5+6th today.

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  • I’ve passed by there in the afternoon 2-3 times now and it always looks like this. The hot dog vendors seem to disappear.

  • I had them all shot.

  • so what deal did they make w/ the hot dog carts? inquiring minds want to know!

  • They warned them that they would tell the public what was really in their hotdogs, and they were gone!

  • I hadn’t been keeping up the ML RSS feed and didn’t realize that Street Sweets was in front of MOMA until yesterday, when I got there to meet up with friends to check out the latest exhibits. I was early, so I made a beeline for the truck and realized that they were being “talked to” again. The cops had been called, but it seemed not calm, but not crazy. I got a spinach croissant and was given a customer card and told to check twitter for their location every day. Haven’t checked out their tweets to see where they are today. I hope they can work it out.

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