Roshambo Your Way to Free Food at Menchanko Tei

Fresh on the heels of our cold noodles post yesterday, the website 89th and Broke sends word of this supposed free deal: “To celebrate its 20th year anniversary, Menchanko-Tei, a Japanese ramen/noodle house in midtown west is offering to pick up the tab… if you win a one-shot game of Jan-Ken-Pon (Rock-Paper-Scissors) with the restaurant’s manager.” A call to the restaurant confirms that the promotion is being held at both locations, but there’s one downside… they’re not doing it at lunchtime!  It’s only for dinner, and it’s not every table.  They choose 5 tables randomly throughout the night (starting at 5pm.) According to 89th and Broke, it’s just until Friday.  Good luck!

Original Menchako-Tei Post (10/23/06)


  • I thought roshambo was where you kick the other guy in the nuts as hard as you can. Last man standing wins. (This was on South Park, maybe I shouldn’t rely on South Park for my information…)

  • I just looked it up on Wiki and I’m disappointed that Cartman has led me astray.

  • Cartman is correct about Roshambo. Rock/Paper/Scissors is the correct name.

    This definition is the creation of politically-correct ultra-liberals out of the West Coast and I refuse to accept this definition of Roshambo.

  • Ah – I’m totally going now! I used to play this game with my Obahchan. Free noodles here I come!

  • Haha. I like that definition of Roshambo a lot more. Last man standing!

  • Technically, the way the episode went, … well, go watch it, it’s pretty funny. It’s the Mecha-Streisand episode

  • Yvo, I love threatening Cartman’s version on my friends! Nobody ever wants to play though.

  • I had never heard rock/paper/scissors called roshambo until I moved to New York…The South Park definition is correct, that wikipedia post is flawed. Cartman would never lead you astray Yvo…
    The first time somebody requested a game of roshambo up here, I instantly yelled “I go first” in order to protect my manhood.

  • Jamie, more reason we’re destined to be friends… none of my friends ever want to play either. In fact, most of my friends don’t even know what it is, and it takes too long to explain, and then there’s the inevitable blank stare “But we don’t have nuts” and then I just sigh, shake my head, and change the subject.


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