Manhattan Spends an Average of $19 on Lunch

According to a survey by ECA International “”a quick lunch in Manhattan, the most expensive city in the U.S., averages a relatively modest $18.61″.  That means for every $5 street meat lunch we’re eating, somebody is spending $33.  Those people are nuts! And it’s getting worse. “In 2008, Manhattan came in at no. 84 and for 2009 jumped sixty-seven places to land at no. 17.”  [Yahoo via Bionic Bites]


  • Holy CRAP! I’d be broke in no time.

  • Man, those people spending 30+ on lunch are crazy! Why would anyone spend 165 a week for lunch? Unless they’re insanely wealthy? Come on, I thought rich people stay rich by being super duper-cheap. Unless there’s a lot more celebrities eating lunch in NYC than we can imagine.

  • T.C:

    - Expense Accounts
    - Business Expenses / Tax Write-offs
    - Paid Lunch (Financial Sector especially)

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    Wow. Even when I was making coin I rarely spent more than $10. Must be all those summer-associate lunches. You get a $65 budget for those. Or, at least, you used to…

  • Maybe I shouldn’t move to NYC, and just stay in CT!

  • Yea, but I thought lotsa people lost their expense accounts and/or their budgets, esp in finance sector, have been slashed dramatically, if they’re still gainfully employed.
    There can’t be that many Execs that are still eating that well? Can there? And aren’t paid lunches a thing of the past in NYC with many companies being more “cost-effective”? The tax write-offs/benefits are nonsequential if they aren’t pulling in the reasonable amounts of clients/ revenue-sales/ profit. Let those fat cats live on then.

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