Famous 53rd Street Halal Guys Add Kofta Kebab to the Menu


This is kind of exciting.  The Famous Halal Guys’ daytime cart on the SE corner of 53rd St and 6th Ave (who won last year’s Street Meat Palooza) have added kofta kebabs to their menu.  I had already had lunch by the time I walked by and spotted this beautiful sight on the grill, so I didn’t get a chance to sample.  But you better believe that a chicken/kofta over rice combo platter is in my immediate future (topped with white sauce and hot sauce of course.) No word on whether the nighttime cart (on the SW corner), or their other daytime cart (on the SW corner of 53rd and 7th) is also serving the item.

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  • You’re damn right. This is my lunch tomorrow for sure.

  • Line is insane today. But the kofta is great. I’d guess it’s a blend of beef and lamb, with little flecks of mint? Anyway, maybe wait till the line dies down. Quite a few people stopped to take pictures of the wacky New Yorkers waiting in line for a cart.

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    Line was ridiculous but I stuck it out and had the kofta today. It was definitely very good and worth the extra $1 over the lamb and rice (my regular order)

  • You paid extra?

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    @Dave – They charged me $6, and I always pay $5 for lamb and rice… Did I get hustled?

  • Either you got hustled, or the Guys like me. Nothing over rice that I’ve ever bought there has been anything but $5.

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    Hmm… I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they just counted the 1′s wrong when they handed me my change.

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    I stopped by there for lunch today. The kofta with rice and salad is $6. And it’s absolutely delicious. And it’s actually a lot less greasy than the usual chicken/lamb combos

    Thanks for the good find midtownlunch!

  • I’ve noticed that they have charged touristy types $6 for what “regulars” get for $5 before – there was even a time last spring when they had a sign that said the ‘over rice’ stuff was $6 but they continued charging me (and other office drone types) $5. Maybe sometimes they just don’t want to count out $1 bills?

  • Wow, $6 for the kofta w. rice. Hmmm. I don’t know. I was never a fan of kofta before. Plus I think like their $5 chicken/lamb w. rice too much to be paying an extra buck for kofta. HAHA. I’ll give it a try just to see if it’s even worth it. :)

    I never paid $5 during lunch hours. I’ve only paid $6 after work. I know they reinstate the same $6 price as their night cart when it’s after lunch hours. It’s shady of them if they charge others $6 during lunch.

  • Shady? Bah. The regular price is $6 for anything over rice. If they want to charge less than their “advertised” price occasionally, that’s their prerogative.

  • I tried paying $5 the other day and almost got away with it but he turned to me and was like “it’s gonna be $6.” i gave him a look like i was upset but w/e. blame it on the e-e-e-economy

  • What? Seriously? It’s all $6 now? BooOooO! But two weeks ago (last time I had), it was still $5. Haha. Man, times must be rough if he can’t even pull through on his terrific lunch prices. A dollar isn’t a lot of money but it’s the principle of being able to enjoy it for as long as most of us have in the past.

    Good thing I’m still staying away from the mix w. rice to see what other street meats I can fully enjoy.

  • I wanted lamb on pita today. Instead of going to XPL like a good boy since it’s closer, I ended up waiting on the long line of 53rd and 6th Day cart. Crazy, I was on the line at around 1:20 and still lots of people buying…ended up waiting over 20 mins.

    My lunch cheap-o-meter went off and I ended up with the chicken&lamb w. rice instead of lamb on pita. A dude ordered a pita sandwich and he paid $4 for it (I saw him get $1 back in change). It only took me 1 second to change my tune. Mix w. ice it is. Hahaha. I saw the kofta.It looked like a burnt-up weinie but hopefully the taste is there when I give it a try.

    Good news is the plates are STILL $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People in front of me still only had their lincolns on hand and no words of the extra buck surfacing.

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    being downtown only having access to XPLs cart (their 3rd location) for lunch, i did try the 53rd n 6th halal a friend picked up for me (but a little lukewarm by the time i ate). the chicken is one of a kind b/c its like shredded, just like pulled pork. my work might relocate in oct to 45th/6th so i know for sure ill be hitting that spot up for lunch- mind the 8 block walk!

  • Just got the kofta (even though it’s raining, I figured the line wouldn’t be as long, but it was only half as long as usual).

    Kofta & Chicken Combo over salad with 3 falafel (no rice/pita) = 7 bucks (and worth it).

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