Cafe Zaiya to Add a Dessert & Drink Bar

Cafe Zaiya, Midtown NYC

Beard Papa fans shouldn’t be too upset about Friday’s news that they’re leaving Cafe Zaiya (on 41st btw. Mad+5th). Not only is Beard Papa going to look for another Midtown location to sell their cream puffs, but Cafe Zaiya will be converting the extra space into a dessert/drink bar. From the GM of Cafe Zaiya:

“We will be creating a drink/dessert bar as time comes. A big store like us and all we serve is hot coffee/tea? We just got a nice state of the art machine as well. Our plan is, sometime in June, to offer a full service drink bar w/ a japanese touch just like the one down the street in the bookstore.”

Oh… and that includes bubble tea.

“We also plan to offer “a 1st in midtown” bubble tea as well. Ice cream based desserts and many other items are currently in the works. We always like to evolve and as you know, over the 7+ years we’ve been in business, we always have something new for our customers year after year. Its another evolution for us I guess.”

Hing Won’s bubble tea is kind of iffy, and Ying Du and Fay Da Bakery are both kind of far to trek for a lot of Midtown Lunchers. It will be nice to have a bubble tea option in the heart of Midtown lunching. Hopefully they’ll get it open before the summer is over!


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    Beard Papa was an unique offering they had…a drink bar would just be another drink bar, and there are a ton of those in midtown already. Bubble tea or not.

    Hopefully they can make it unique and quality somehow.

  • Use this opportunity to bring back the deep fried piroshiki and the chicken teriyaki pizza. The short lived baked piroshiki was mediocre. and the chicken teriyaki pizza had some sort of crack sprinkled on it that made it much better than the chicken scallion pizza.

  • How is changing Beard Papa out for s dessert/drink bar an opportunity to bring back a couple of former hot-food items? Makes no sense.

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