Today is The Last Day For Cafe Zaiya’s Beard Papa

Tina (aka The Wandering Eater) passed along this sad news yesterday: The Beard Papa counter inside Cafe Zaiya (on 41st btw. Mad+5th) will be closing up shop on the last day of May. This means that unless you want to be coming into Midtown over the weekend, today is the last day for a Cafe Zaiya beard papa. No word yet on if they are going to use the space to sell something else or open it up to make more room (it gets pretty crowded in there during lunchtime!)

Speaking of Cafe Zaiya, lunch’er “Linda” was kind enough to send along a photo of the CZ fried fish sandwich being discussed in the forums the other day. The sandwich, in all its cheese topped glory, is after the jump.


A Food Porn Guide to Navigating Your Way Through Cafe Zaiya


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