Vinny Vincenz Pizza Truck Spotted in Midtown & Downtown

Yesterday our Downtown Lunch correspondent Daniel Krieger spotted a Vinny Vincenz Pizza Truck parked near the South Street Seaport.  Apparently they’re testing out the spot for a month to see if they can make it work.  Daniel will have a full report tomorrow in his weekly Downtown Lunch column… but in the meantime if Midtown Lunchers are looking to check it out, another Vinny Vincenz truck was spotted today on 40th btw. B’way+6th.  (They’re everywhere!!!)  Not sure what the deal is, or whether or not that spot is permanent.  Sadly Mr. Vincenz is not on the twitter yet.

According to Slice overlord Adam Kuban it’s not his favorite pizza from a truck, but it’s good  it’s “worth going to” and “about as good as you’re going to get” from a truck (which in general is not his favorite type of pizza.)  Check out Slice’s complete coverage of Vinny Vincenz here.


  • Well, BELIEVE ME, if Mr. Adam Kuban, Slice overlord, says: ” … it’s not his favorite pizza from a truck, but it’s good”, then I’m hoppin’ on the train for New Yawk City to check this truck out!

    I mean, when the “overlord” speaks, we minions listen.


  • I haven’t had pizza from Vinny’s truck, but I quite often frequent the restaurant on 1st ave, great calzones, fresh pasta specials, always friendly.

  • Poor ole DocChuck is still having himself a little hissyfit over being banned at SeriousEats, just as he should be everywhere. Hopefully, Zach will do what 99% of website owners who have had to deal with his crap have done, and we here at MTL will also gain the benefit of his enforced absence. Since Zach has some involvement with SE, I remain hopeful that this will occur here sooner rather than later

  • I believe Dick Cheney owns a small ranch under chucky’s left tit.

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