Milant Closed Again… Possibly For Good?


Could this finally be the end for Milant, the little deli (on 39th btw. Lex+3rd) that just two years ago was considered by many to be the best place for sandwiches in Midtown? After a couple of DOH closings, and a noticeable drop in business, Milant was finally sized by the Marshal last week on behalf of their landlord.  I’ve seen places bounce back from this before, and when I ate at Milant in April everything was delicious… but clearly things are not looking good.

A close up of the Marshal’s notice is after the jump.


Thanks to “Lunch’er Andrew” for passing along the photos.

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  • WELL! Apparently even folks in New Yawk City are a bit concerned about sandwich purveyors who engage in “CATTERING.”

    I am personally aghast! And I hope that the Marshals do not get CATTERED while performing their official duties.

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