At Lunch Now: The New Baja Fresh is Completely Packed

12:40pm and It’s organized chaos at the new Baja Fresh, where people are reporting wait times of 15-25 minutes (5 to 10 mins to order, and another 15 waiting for food.) Not bad, but the people are still pouring in, and I overheard the manager saying that the kitchen just started falling behind. In other words, I’m guessing we’ll be hearing of some 30-40+ wait times very soon. I’ve waited over three years for this… I guess I can wait another day or two. Were you there? Let us know how it was in the comments.


  • Damn you Zach the place was so crazy I had to walk out.

  • i want some mo’s southwest grill in midtown.
    their food is great but they only have one location at 21st ST and 1st AVE. next week might be a better time to go for the baja fresh.

  • ha. i was standing right behind the bearded fella to the far left. sorry i missed you, zach. i was in and out of there in about 20 mins. i was impressed with their efficiency on opening day. i had a bare carnitas burrito w/ pinto beans. it was delicious- meat was very tender and flavorful. only complaint, i thought they forgot the cheese, but maybe a bare burrito comes cheese-less. note to self: add cheese next time.

  • Tres Tacos – 1 fish, 1 steak, 1 chicken.

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    just had the chicken burrito… it was really good actually.. except like graybar gastronome.. i didn’t get any cheese….

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    I walked in at 11am today in order to avoid the crowd. I got the grilled mahi mahi taco platter. The tacos were very tasty, happy with the manager recommendation. The rice and beans were ok, nothing special. Really enjoyed the selection of salsas for my chips. At 10 dollars after tax, it was a bit much for lunch, but it was a good change of pace from Sophie’s and El Sabor Del Ray.

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    For someone who is from LA and has been waiting for this day for nearly ten years, I was actually quite impressed. I expected the food to be sub-par compared to its West Coast counterparts, but it was actually pretty good. And for opening day, the chaos was quite organized and the service was friendly. Hands down this place beats Chipotle for taste and breadth of menu. Beware of the line for the salsa bar. I will definitely get my friends to go here. My only slight complaint of this place is due to the crazy Manhattan rents, it’s more expensive here than back in LA. Be prepared to spend at least $10. But I just hope they open one on the westside soon.

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    Woo! That’s me in the bright blue polo.

    Had the Pork Carnitas Baja Burrito, it was quite good. Also of all the salsas, the mango was by far the best.

  • Are you sure that’s from Baja Fresh and not an episode of The Bachelorette?

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    I arrived at 11:45, waited in line for less than 5 minutes and then had the best burrito since I left California 10 years ago.

  • I got mole enchiladas and a pastelillo from El Rey Del Sabor, good as always.

  • no line at that 10 or so locations in New Jersey, but since it’s in NYC, IT’S A BIG FRIGGIN DEAL. Wake me when there’s an In ‘n’ Out.

  • i would much rather prefer Baja fresh then that poor excuse of food they called zen burger. What a horrible idea…just horrible.

  • All this hub-bub about way below average fast food? I don’t get it.

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    The setup and menu are arranged a bit differently than any other Baja I’ve ever been to but my tacos (chicken, steak and fish) were top notch.

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