Midtown Links (The “DIY Pork Chop Sandwich” Edition)

My kid looks on as I take down a DIY pork chop sandwich from Ying Du

  • This weekend the city will start closing Broadway off to cars in Times Square [City Room]
  • A new burger place is opening in New World Plaza, across from Blockheads [Life With Food and Drink]
  • A possum draws a crowd (and police) outside a Midtown restaurant  [EV Grieve via Eater]
  • Pork is back on the menu at Gyu Kaku… [Eater]
  • … but the pig in front of Rudy’s is still scared of getting swine flu [Life With Food and Drink]
  • NYMag is all about that Russian Vodka Bar Mamacita wrote about a few months ago [NYM]


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