Times Pub Gets a Visit From the Repo Man


If I had to give out a “Strangest Midtown Lunch Place” Award, it would have to go to the Times Pub on 40th btw. 7+8th. And now it’s closed. From former Profiled Lunch’er and current New York Times writer Jennifer 8 Lee via Twitter:

“times pub (formerly korean buffet deli) on 40th has been reposessed by landlord. it was always empty.”

Too bad it didn’t stay a Korean buffet deli! Its current incarnation was a sports bar/Irish Pub looking place on the outside, with a completely Asian menu (teriyaki, Udon, sushi, ramen, etc.)  I always kind of wanted to try it… now it looks like I won’t get the chance.  Oh well.

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  • I never went there when it was a pub, but this place was so good as a deli. They used to have a Mongolian grill in the back, an udon station, and years ago they did a decent breakfast buffet. Total mistake to get rid of that. This block seems to be cursed and I’m not sure why considering the Times building is across the street. Sophie’s was a few doors down and that closed also.

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