Midtown Links (The “I Truly Am a Cheap Bastard” Edition)

What can I say? I’m a cheap bastard.

  • Midtown Lunch… bringing old friends together over chicken and potato stick sandwiches at Tina’s [Blondie and Brownie]
  • Long lines followed the NYC Cravings truck to the Flatiron District on Tuesday [Me So Hungry]
  • Mr. Cutlets tears apart the meatball sandwich at AQ Kafe [The Feedbag]
  • You can get a breakfast torta from the cart on 33rd and 9th Ave. [Fressagirl]
  • Empty Midtown storefronts are being turned into billboards [NYT]
  • The Japanese culinary center on 45th & 3rd will soon begin selling “hard to find Japanese ingredients… in home-cook quantities” [Tasting Table via Grub Street]
  • For an extra $1 you can get a full size order of rice and beans with any sandwich at Sophie’s Cuban [Lunch Studio]
  • Melt Cafe and Gelato bar has opened on 2nd Ave. [Eating in Translation]
  • The new branch of Fika Swedish Espresso Bar has opened on Park btw. 28+29th [Tasting Table]


  • Hahaha. Cheapskate!

    It’s still better than what my friend did one time. There was a cookie monster and an elmo. He pretended to stuff their pouches with dollars afetr taking a picture. Empty Fist Trick. Now’s that’s cheap! LOL.

  • that kid is hilarious

  • That elmo tried selling me weed once.

  • where’s Elmo’s right hand?

  • I nominate Cutlets as the next douche to be ridiculed in this space now that Gay Superman has been exorcised

  • I think you have the most well behaved (or maybe he’s just in a constant state of shock) baby on Earth.

  • Best picture ever. Did elmo notice you sneaking that picture and run down the street after you cursing?

  • Awww, look at his widdle footsies in the striped jammys… Hi Harry!!! I’ll pay the $1 so you can have a pic with Elmo… even tho that Elmo creeps me out

  • Is that a legit Elmo sanctioned by a Universal Studios affiliate or is it just some guy wanting a cheap buck?

  • I vote cheap buck.
    And some of them are charging $2 a photo so can’t blame Zach for not paying up. That’s two bucks too many. For $4 more, he can get himself a delicious meal. One photo does not equate to 1/3 of a meal. ;-P

  • Lay off Cutlets.

    His website is one of the FEW left where I and my friends can impersonate “DocChuck” with impunity.

    And I already know that you do NOT need “DocChuck” posting on your blog.

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