Kwik Meal Cart is Now Open 24/7

Looks like the famous Halal Guys on 53rd and 6th aren’t the only quality late night street meat available in Midtown anymore.  The Kwik Meal cart (on 45th & 6th) has decided to try and stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Before this week, their schedule was just M-F 11am until around 8:30-9pm.)  This is great news for any Kwik Meal fans who find themselves working over the weekend or super late at night.  Owner Muhammad Rahman says he’s going to test it out for a few weeks and see how it goes.  If there’s business, he’ll keep the cart open all night long, indefinitely.


  • I’d still choose 53rd & 6th over Kwik Meal. Their quality and QUANTITY can’t be beat. LOL. I put Kwik Meal in the frou-frou street-cart category since they’re fancier, pricier, and smaller in portion. Come on, they have tiger shrimp on the menu for crying out loud. :-P Too bad the bulgogi carts arent open super late.

  • MMMM! street meat after hours of binge drinking = HEAVEN

  • And there goes any hope that they might actually clean that griddle once in a while.

  • i usually eat 4 bites of 53 and 6th after drinking and feed the rest to the pigeons…after 9 years of eating it i am thoroughly sick of it!!! i will however try this as a late night option.

  • pigiron, try the kati roll from biryani cart down the block if you need something to keep down the booze.

    Their lamb kati roll (2 for $6) is my favorite after-boozing indulgence.

  • Thanks Adam! i was actually the second pigiron but the site has this glitch. i didnt know the biryani cart was sopen late night.

    hi joji and ambar!

  • I agree that there is such a thing as too much chicken/lamb with rice but to go from 53rd & 6th to Kwik Meal isn’t any real upgrade to the situation. Haha. Seriously, a bulgogi cart needs to stay open late. lol. If not, someone open a dumplins and/or stir-fried noodles cart a la old-school chinatown carts. They’re cheaper, you cna get more if you need and will equally soak up a lot of alcohol. Haha.

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    I just had their lamb over rice on 45th and 6th. Most of the lamb pieces had tendon/connective tissue. I had to spit out the meat. Is it just me or has the Kwik Meal cart gone down?

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