Happy Well Being House Cart Returns Today

Happy Well Being House CartGot a surprising number of worried emails and comments over the past few days wondering where the Happy Well Being House cart (on 50th btw. 6+7th), has been.  They responded yesterday: “Hi all!! This is ‘Happy Well Being House.’ We’ll be back tomorrow on wed. We got into trouble with the vending car. It had been broken and we tried to fix it up but it took time a lot. So we will work with the old vending car for little while. The food will be same anyway and we’ll make sandwiches too.”  Sandwiches, huh?  That should be interesting…

Happy Well Being Cart is New Contender For Best Fried Fish in Midtown
Happy Well Being House is Related to Downtown Korean BBQ Cart
6th Ave. is Gearing Up for a Bulgogi Cart War


  • On the way into work this morning it looked like a security guard was giving them trouble for where they were trying to park the cart. Hope everything worked out OK for them!

  • I want to see a bulgogi kimchi hero. LOL. Forgot those puny mantou sammies from before.

  • I never hit this cart before, looks interesting.

  • They’re back, sort of. The “cart” is at ground level and Mom isn’t there doing the cooking, but the food is the same. Hope the car mess gets sorted soon.

  • They don’t have potatoes anymore! The girl said that since they’re making pita sandwiches now they aren’t doing potatoes any more. This in not a worthwhile trade in my eyes.

  • I second the motion for bulgogi kimchi heroes.

    Come on, Happy Well Being House: Recognize!!

  • Yes I got the fried fish today with the pita on the side and it was still good but I liked the potatoes better. They had Italian salad dressing though and iceberg lettuce instead of the strange coleslaw.

  • mmmm… sandwiches – i’ll be hitting this cart up again tomorrow

  • i guess the potatoes don’t move/keep as well as those preservative-laced pitas. i love the idea of fish in pitas though.

    it’s hard to run a business on love (of the food.) you want to offer so much but 80% of the products you offer don’t ever sell as well. it’s understandable. i just wish there were a way for them to keep the potato option.

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