6th Ave. is Gearing Up for a Bulgogi Cart War


Got this email about the new “Happy Well Being House” cart (on 50th btw. 6+7th):

“Just wanted to let you know that the new cart on 50th & 6th is now serving bulgogi. You get TONS of bulgogi with rice and salad for $6!!! But I dunno, maybe I just got a lot b/c I’m Korean… and good looking.”

With the O.G. Bulgogi Cart one block away (on 49th btw. 6+7th) things could start to get interesting. I know when a new halal stand tries to set up near a halal stand that has been in a spot for a long time, things can get really ugly, really quickly. I wonder if Korean carts follow the same code of honor…


  • Anyone try it? Quality report?

  • hey, I’m the one that wrote the email – it’s merely average and was a little salty for my taste. I’ve actually never compared it with the bulgogi at the 49th street cart b/c I always get the kalbi when I go there. However, I doubt that it’s better than Duke’s (although I think it’s $10 there).

  • There are no good looking people in Midtown. All the good looking folks are in Jersey. My coworker agrees with me.

  • they also spelled it “Bulgogie”

  • *makes ML profile just to prove Sarah wrong*

  • These post are just plain stupid get a life and comment on the story or not at all please.

  • Extra points for the happy face on the sign.

  • Extra points for the cute little Korean in the picture

  • Dan Quayle must have written the sign.

  • There’s no standardized transliteration of bulgogi. Bulgogie or bulgogi, who cares, it’s the same thing.

  • Gotta agree with bionicgrrrrl on this one. Comparing this to the Vice President of an English speaking country not being able to spell an English word is stupid. I’ll bet they know how to spell it in Korean

  • Anyone know if either of these carts are open after 5pm?

  • haha its an asian smiley face with the eyes and everything!

  • Just came back. Got the chicken. Boy, it’s a lot of food for six bucks, and pretty good.

    I like the chicken. As mentioned above, it’s a little dry with some char from the grill. That’s exactly how I like it.

    I asked and you can get the home fries by themselves for two bucks. While I was there some guy asked if he can get home fries with the bulgogi, and you can.

    My food was served quickly, but there was only one guy there before me.

    I think this cart needs a little marketing help. The food is really good, cheap and voluminous. I’ve been showing my lunch off around the office and at least one or two people have said “I’m there tomorrow.”

    One guy said “I LOVE home fries” before I went, and gave them the thumbs up after trying them.

    And yes, the Happy Well Being cart girl is cute and a little tentative, but very nice. Dunno why, but this is a cart you hope can do well. The little old Korean lady, the cute young girl, working hard in the cart, the American dream, blah blah blah. I even made sure to buy my Coke there to give them the business.

  • bulgogi and homefries from a cart so uniquely decorated? this sounds like a midtown lunch dream come true, zach but you seem so skeptical

  • the bulgogi box is served with rice that is not of the traditional sticky variety!


    A rather gross misrepresentaion, wouldn’t you agree?

  • I just went for lunch today. I had to walk 5 streets and 1 avenue over but it was worth it. Its like Korean food but minus the stomache ache. Everything tastes and looks healthy AND delicious. It isn’t super authentic but I would definately make that walk.

    The bulgolgi is cooked fresh as you order and you get a good amount of it for $6. Worth it. Its been 2 hours since I’ve eaten it and I haven’t had to run to the bathroom like I normally would with Jamaican.

  • My comment was a dig against Dan Quayle, not against the proprietors of this cart, for god’s sake.

  • Korean food isn’t served with sticky rice traditionally. Maybe you are thinking SE Asian? I’m psyched to try out a new Korean place. Cafe Duke is a bit pricey for what you get.

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