Uncle Marky’s Organics Closes

First Zen Burger and now this… Midtown vegetarians have lost another of their beloved East side spots, with Grub Street breaking the news yesterday that Uncle Marky’s Organics (on 53rd btw. 2+3rd) has been forced to close. According to the post on GS, the owner is looking for a new location in the area.


  • Any food establishment with the word “organic(s)” in the name or on the menu deserves to close down and never be seen again.

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    Uncle Marky’s had the most righteous, delicious, organic fare in the city…and the most chaotic, unreliable, insulting, demoralising, shambles of a delivery buisiness (typical wait for a sandwich was 1 hour 45 minutes) on the planet. Hope they come back, reorganised, soon. Am emormous loss to the nabe.

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