Grease Truck Sandwich Reminder

If you missed out last week, don’t forget that Papa Perrone’s Truck (on 55th btw. Mad+Park) will be serving up his version of the Rutgers grease truck sandwiches again today. For those who don’t know, that’s chicken fingers + french fries + mozzarella sticks on a roll, covered in sauce. Definitely will make for a good first layer to soak up all that tequila you will be pouring into your stomach after work.


  • this is good; its raining today, so that should increase my chances of getting one. he said he’ll have enough goods to make 50 of them

  • Just walked by (I work upstairs) – he’s offering it on garlic bread now for $8 vs. $7 for the regular.

  • you work upstairs? i didn’t realize the truck had more than one level

  • No lines almost when I ordered at 1240pm. I just wolfed mine down with garlic bread. Not enough hint of garlic as I’d like so save the $1.
    The sandwich is alright but maybe I expected more ‘wow’ for $8 (…wishing it was slightly bigger too). The fries were soggy and tasted like mash potatoes with marinara. I like starch though so it’s cool but for a better fry, maybe steak fries are more suitable. To ensure more grease, I would suggest a collective of shoestring fries as an alternative too.
    Without the marinara, this sandwich is dry. There definitely needs to be more grease in it. I didn’t even feel my arteries clog. Haha. I would put the $1 towards adding shredded mozzarela on top of everything. Let that bad boy drip with cheese-oil! ;-P

  • This sandwich is in the first leg in the greasy sandwich triple crown and DBJ just won the Kentucky Derby.

  • I thought the “any sandwich on garlic bread” option was a freebie…….do we sense a bait and switch here?

  • Naw… it was always an extra charge. If I didn’t convey that, it’s my fault.

  • As with everything else at Papa’s this option is just ok, but nothing really special.

    It tasted pretty bland (& dry) so I threw some hot sauce from the 53rd st. Halal guys and that kicked things up a notch, but for $8 I expected more..

  • Well i tried it with the Garlic bread this time, and I would say its better with the garlic bread then with the plain bread, but thats more personal tastes than anything else. Im still in a food coma.

    On another note, JP was mentioning to me hes going to permanently add a fryer to his truck, and other grease truck equipment so he can start making other “grease” truck items. Eta is sometime in September. I would expect other “rutger” grease truck specials coming soon after.

    Yes JP Im applying the usual Midtown Lunch’er peer pressure!

  • these sandwiches used to be $4 at rutgers… and had infinitely more things squashed into them. amazing heart-clogging glorious things…

  • Yea, just my opinion, but $7-8 bucks for that hero isn’t going to impress everyone in the long run if they don’t improve it a little. For $7-8, there should be a little bit more bang for the buck. I’m not saying give me more tons of meat, fries or anything but at least make it more oily so the idea of dinner will make you pass out/nauseous. No substantial amount of grease = no real food comas for fat people. So let the artery-blockage begin. ;-P

    Plus it’s healthier and cheaper to have an addiction to the $6 greek salad w. grilled chicken from 100% H &H then. Or eat chicken/lamb w. rice from XPL or 53rd and 6th – always fills you up. Subway’s footlongs are still $5. Haha. I’m not hating on PP and very glad he took a risk with the midtown lunch special sandwich. :-) It’s just a matter of what will make me want to come back to that beast of a sandwich…

  • nothing can truly replicate a rutgers fat sandwich.. and for good reason. they are handheld heart attacks wrapped in wax paper and foil.

    this is only one grease truck lot and it’s in NB, NJ. :)

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