Nothing Says Cinco de Mayo Like Kosher Tequila & Free Pastrami Burritos?

This is possibly the weirdest Midtown promotion I’ve ever been emailed, but just in case it turns out to be true I’m posting it because I know you guys are going to want in on this.  Tomorrow, starting at 11 a.m. Tequilaville (on Vanderbilt btw. 42+43rd) will be giving away free pastami burrito samples to kick off their day long Cinco de Mayo celebration. Apparently some sort of Kosher agave tequila will be introduced for the first time ever in the US, and this is how they are celebrating the launch.  Props to the tequila company for knowing that free food will get the Jews in the door (we love free stuff), but there is no word on whether they’ll be giving away free liquor.   More importantly… do you think they know enough not to put cheese in the burritos?


  • God I hope they don’t know… Pastrami and Cheese… Mmmm.

  • Your comment: “Props to the tequila company for knowing that free food will get the Jews in the door (we love free stuff)” ROFLMAO!

    That is the funniest comment that I have EVER read on the food blogs — EVER!

    BUT putting pastrami in a burrito is like putting frickin’ beans in Texas chili. Disgusting, sickening, abhorrent, perhaps even illegal.

    Thank GAWD that BO is preparing to essentially close down Wall Street — LOL.

  • Just more evidence of the Judeo-Mexican conspiracy.

  • cannot eat beef and cheesey goodness…………but can imbib very strong spirits.

    Answers on a burning Bush please.

  • Ham and cheese all the way! ;-P

    No sour cream either then. lol.

  • One really great thing that Obama is doing is to deport all US Citizens who claim to personally own one or more cheap motels to China.

  • What else are they doing for cinco de mayo?

  • China? I hear they won’t be whipping the Mexicans in Hong Kong hotel quarantine… but just for that one day.

  • How exactly do you sample a burrito?

  • I’ll bring my own cheese and a blowtorch


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