Dougie’s BBQ is Closed

Kosher-NY is reporting that Dougie’s Express, the weird Kosher BBQ place above El Rincon Del Sabor on 47th btw. 5+6th in the Diamond District, has closed. It was the last Manhattan location of Dougie’s still around. [Kosher-NY]


  • As someone who grew up Kosher, as someone who still has a lot of friends who are Kosher, Dougies was such an EWWWW experience… Orthodox Men Eating wings is nasty.

  • Easily the worst BBQ I’ve had in the city, right down there with Dallas BBQ. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, Dougie’s.

  • Oh no! Where will people who keep kosher go to get diarrhea now? Oh right… J2…

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    This is truly the end of an era!

    I went on to to order the KD lunch and discovered that the Dougies BBQ in midtown has closed! All of my saved favorite orders from there are grayed out and pathetic looking on my screen. Sadness. They made really good sweet potato chips.

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