Midtown Links (The “What? Babies Aren’t Allowed to OTB?” Edition)

My kid at the OTB. What… is that wrong? A lady working there did give
me a big frown and a “No you didn’t” looking head shake

  • The SVP is trying to convince the city that expanding the number of street vending licenses would be a good way to help end joblessness [City Room]
  • You can try Red Mango’s new flavor for free on Saturday Noon to 4pm [Grub Street]
  • A look at the mint whoopie pie from Joe and the Art of Coffee in Grand Central [Blondie and Brownie]
  • Kathy YL Chan finds her favorite Korean pastry at Cafe Ele on 32nd Street [Serious Eats: New York]
  • The just out of bounds Tulcingo del Valle turns out an amazing version of chiles rellenos [Fork in the Road]
  • Cutlets takes up the Benjamin Steakhouse Burger Challenge (I’m sure this will be be a fair competition.) [The Feedbag]
  • There a new chef at Ariyoshi, an Izakaya in the East 50s [Word of Mouth]
  • The proscuitto pie at Lazzara’s looks pretty damn good [BLD Project]
  • If you were interested in stalking Lunch’er Jamie, you should have gone to Tehuitzingo earlier in the week [Fressa Girl]
  • Sarah DiGregorio attempts to do Inakaya (in the NYT building) on the cheap [Village Voice]
  • The Rafiqi’s on 32nd & Park has corn, cilantro, and olives as toppings [Ultraclay]


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