Free White Castle (Pork Slider) Alert

Speaking of pork, Luncher “Niu Yorker” sent along a link to a free coupon for White Castle’s new BBQ Pork Slider. (Seems like this promotion was well timed.)  There is one White Castle in Midtown (on 8th Ave. btw. 36+37th) if you dare… The Feedbag didn’t have such nice things to say about the new product.


  • STAY AWAY!!! You get half a spoonful of dry, gummy, flavorless pork product on a bun for 99 cents. If you’re going to eat at White Castles, spend your money on the greasy sliders, at least they have some sort of flavor.

    I had these last Sat. night and not even an evening of consuming miller lites and listening to Bon Jovi covers at a Jersey cougar bar could distort my senses enough to declare this garbage tasty, I wish my designated driver had took us to the grease trucks instead.

  • I will reprint my statement to The Feedbag for your readers:

    “I’d sooner spend the night naked in a bathtub full of silverfish than eat ANYTHING served at White Castle.”

  • Chucky….you negate seemingly all food… did you get to be such a fat rednecked pikey bastard?

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