Free Bread Bowl Pasta Alert

Why not, right? “If interested: Dominos on 40th btw 7+8th is participating. Just got mine. They act like you need a coupon, but eventually cave when you don’t.” Today only until 2p.m. Good luck freeloaders. I think I’m going to sit this one out.


  • Blatant violation of the double starch rule.

  • just finished mine. starch overload indeed, but my belly’s full and my six dollars are still resting safely in my pocket. so no complaints here.

  • update: i feel horrible

  • Bread Bowl Pasta: That sharp pain you feel is Obesity and Constipation doing a leaping high-five in your stomach. Boo-ya!

  • they’d have to pay me

  • That is some serious thisiswhyyouarefat fodder. Perhaps they should wrap the whole thing in bacon and then deep fry it too.

  • What’s the double-starch rule?

    How would that affect something like the sicilian Panelle Special sandwich or Zach’s favorite Grease Truck sandwich?

  • a bunch of girls got 3 each….WHAT THE…??!!!

    its just an itty bitty amount of pasta in the middle of a giant pizza crust…probably less calories than the individual pizza.

  • i live in california and the dominos that a co-worker went to, was only giving out the pasta and not the bread bowl. what a rip off!!!

  • Well, that’s because California sucks.

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