2nd Crisp Location Will Open Today (Promise!)

The owner of the falafel place Crisp emailed to say that they got gas yesterday, and will be opening the doors of their new location (on 40th btw. B’way+6th) today.  Now we’re just waiting on Maoz


  • Cool. I might check that Crisp out today. I hope they bring the Taj back so I cna try it.

    And they finally updated the coupon til 12/31/09 for the 3rd ave location.

    Comment from T.C.
    Time: April 9, 2009, 11:12 am

    They have a happy evening coupon that gives you double your order for free during 3-10pm (you can buy one sandwich and get another one of same value for free).


    They need to update the coupon for April though.

  • Will head to crisp today, despite the Domino’s promo. Hope it’s not ridiculously crowded.

  • Just got back with one of their “Africa” falafel sandwiches- it’s pretty good, clearly better ingredients (and bread doesn’t fall apart) than my standby, Moshe’s, but worth $10 (included extra jalapeno hummus)? Doubtful.

  • p.s. there were 3 other people in there when I went at noon or so

  • I think crisp is solid but not worth the $7-8 bucks you pay for just a falafel. The African falafel with peanut sauce is the unique and tasty standout imho. The Goat cheese(Parisian) is meh.
    Maoz on the other hand will a goto lunch spot due to the fact that the belgian style fries, lemonade, and various salads that you can get with your junior meal deal are outstanding.

  • I went at 11:45
    I had the Mexican Falafel Sandwich on White Pita.

    I’m not a falafel afficionado, but I really enjoyed it. I didn’t mind spending $7.75 for the sandwich because it was good, filling, fresh, tasty, and comparable to what I would spend on another sandwich that met that criteria.

    Just my opinion

  • Eating the Crsip now. Line was off the heezie, thank the gods for cute office chicks in the queue. This thing is tasty, but dry. I’d rather walk over to 8th for Pic a Pita and get it juicy. I didn’t see hotsauce as an option either.

  • just had the mexican- really awesome. looking forward to trying the african. I work on 39th and broadway, so this will definitely be a regular lunch spot. I went around 1:30 today and the place was packed.

  • what no free stuff to celebrate the new location?

    to crisp owner: bring back the BOGO coupon and I will come for dinner and bring friends. promise.

  • Had the Mexican today. AMAZING!!!
    Very fresh and tastey, definitley worth the $8 in my book.
    Going tomorrow to try the African

  • Just had the African. I am STUFFED! Welcome to the ‘hood.

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