Midtown Happy Hour: Free Wings Not Enough to Save Langan’s Irish Pub

If you like to eat, chances are you like to drink (read: a lot of you are freakin’ lushes), so I thought maybe it was time to introduce a happy hour column to the site. Every week, our Happy Hour Correspondent “Mamacita” will post about a different bar in Midtown that fits the Midtown Lunch mentality: unhealthy food, not lame (unless it’s lame in a cool way), and most importantly… cheap.

Happy Hour: Langans Irish Pub

My intrepid search for Midtown’s best free-buffet happy hour lead me this week to “Broadway” Langan’s Pub & Restaurant. Langan’s free appetizers are not widely publicized, perhaps because they don’t want us freeloaders making a dinner of it? The claim is they have a free buffet for patrons drinking at the bar, but after that whole Channel 4 happy hour failure, I felt a bit of trepidation. Would they pull the bait and switch? I called and they assured me of the happy hour so I rounded up the troops and set forth to feast on free food and good drinks.

I arrived at 6pm and the bar was packed with corporate workers from the nearby offices. Suits a plenty, even a hot chick had to fight to get a seat at the bar. The bartenders are pretty hurried due to the large crowds but they are still nice to look at, and have great accents (for the ML ladies.)

Happy Hour: Langans Irish Pub

Straight away Langan’s proves to be your usual Irish themed restaurant with Irish bartenders, a white linen dinning room, and large flat screen TV’s scattered throughout. In the front nook there’s a room called the “The FOX Hole” dedicated to the broadcasting company and featuring a multitude of celebrity photos. There are also stories of the NY Post’s columnist Steve Dunleavy visiting here to get drunk. I did enjoy my girlfriend’s take on the décor:

“The carpeting was dark green and patterned and really, really worn, reminding me of the indoor/outdoor carpeting my grandmother insisted on putting on her mobile home stairs!”

Happy Hour: Langans Irish Pub

We ordered drinks and that’s when I found out the sad truth: Nothing in life is free. Drinks were $6 for most domestic draft beers, $8 Guinness, $7 for bottled beer, and $12 for a martini. As I walked to the back of the bar for some eats I found another gloomy sight. A lukewarm and sparse bin of soggy chicken wings and dry jalapeno poppers.

Happy Hour: Langans Irish Pub

Not only were the drinks overpriced but within minutes of scoring a chicken wing and popper the trays were finished off for good. At that point my remaining friends arrived, but with no food and only pricey drinks around we bolted for greener pastures. It seems some things are too good to be true.


  • Bartenders with lovely accents
  • Free bar food, if you come very early
  • Convenient location if you work close or are going to the theatre


  • Mostly corporate workers with their co-workers, so there is minimal mingling potential
  • Free eats are gone almost instantaneously
  • Pricey drinks, no drink happy hour
  • Just go to the Pig and Whistle across the street already!

Langan’s, 150 W. 47th Street (btw. 6+7th), 212-869-5482

Photos and post by Mamacita


  • …can week have a fight next week?….nothing too serious….tasers…..Ana kicking a ladyboy in the head?


  • This makes (Any) Port (in a Storm) 41 look good

    $8 Vitamin G…. the shame

    How about a gay bar next week? Mine Shaft? Cubby Hole?

  • OOO and that free basket of chips was jalapenis flavored chips – they were actually pretty good! Beaverhausen wouldn’t touch them but I was starving after one wing.

  • better off at St.Andrews for a pint of Tennants (on tap no less)

  • I don’t eat food from carts and I don’t eat food from baskets in bars. It’s a lifestyle choice.

  • @scarlett: is “jalapenis” a typo or a freudian slip?

  • Neither – an intentional play on word

  • Not sure why anyone would patronize Langan’s who didn’t already work in the Newscorp building, That said, the food that is not free is excellent, and the Guinness while pricey is served exactly right, which to a connoisseur can make a huge difference. The bartenders are awesome and seem to have a fairly generous buyback policy.

  • Anastasia said: “I don’t eat food from carts and I don’t eat food from baskets in bars. It’s a lifestyle choice.”

    Add to that comment, “… and I don’t eat at restaurants (unless necessitated by travel or business)”, and you have a curmudgeon’s lifestyle choice.

    At 67 years of age, I am still as healthy as can be, and it is all because of “lifestyle choices.”

    Good advice, Anastasia.

  • I can’t speak to their happy hour, but they have an awesome $14.95 “Cost Saving Comfort Food” 3 course meal – choice of 2 soups, main course (with cutsie names like freddie mac and cheese, and bangers and cash), and bread pudding for dessert. The food is great.

  • BWAHAHA, Anastasia is just like Doc Chuck… that was a good one :-)

  • Mamacita goes on vacation and spends it…commenting on Midtown lunch.

  • Aren’t Pig N Whistle and Langan’s owned by the same person/people?

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