Midtown Happy Hour: Channel 4 Bait & Switch!

Seeing as how today is technically *like* a Friday, and the night before Thanksgiving is one of the greatest drinking nights of the year- we figured it would be a good day for one of Mamacita’s Happy Hour posts. Unfortunately, when we checked in with her- all we got was an earful of misery. Here’s her most recent happy hour encounter…

channel4It seems fitting that in light of yesterday’s House of Brews grievances we continue today our pre-Thanksgiving hate-a-thon with a tale of woe that all started out with my search for a happy hour with a “free buffet” (I know Zach’s ears just perked up…) I had caught word that Channel 4 Restaurant and Bar 48th St (btw. 5+6th) had a weekly complimentary buffet during happy hour. A quick look at their website did not exactly thrill me (“Channel 4 is back to serving lunch, dinner and cocktails to NBC’s high-profile executives and on-air talent, as well as keeping up with the constant buzz in and around Rockefeller Center”) but when free buffet is involved, I’m willing to put up with some nonsense.

Leary of wasting my time, I called and asked if the buffet was in fact being served. Reassured that it was, I set forth with a thirsty liver and grumbling gut, ready to rub elbows with NBC celebrities.


The bar was packed with executive types talking business. I was prepared to excuse the scenery as I was here for the drinks and eats. Unfortunately there was no buffet (not even a bowl of salted peanuts) and my humble Yuengling draft cost a very un-Midtown Munch’ish $7 bucks.

In Rock Center I’ve come to expect some lame and overpriced bars, but this phantom buffet draws the line. While Katie Couric and Al Roker at least have a symbolic presence via the painted mural on the wall, my light wallet and empty stomach proved this to be a complete Midtown bait and switch.

Photos and post by Mamacita


  • WTF I’d have thrown down! Where’s the FOOD? You’d JUST called and they pulled this? Nuh-uh, take your earrings off, turn your rings around, and grab the Vaseline, there’s a smackdown waiting to happen!!!

  • So you called and verfied there was a buffet and then there wasnt? Hell should have been raised lol… that place sucks… Go try Metro 53… on Thursdays… All drinks are half priced… I drank $3 blue moons from 5-8… and $5 jack and cokes… not to mention the fact that half price also pertains to their menu… of which i was too drunk to try and ended up at Pizza Krunch.

  • Yvo.. gurl… you forgot the all important step of changing into your sneakers…..at least that’s how we did it in Brick City…

  • My coworker and I go there all the time, and they have the buffet open from open til close, and it is excellent. My coworker agrees with me

  • I haven’t actually been there for the buffet, but did you check upstairs? Maybe they had the food on the second floor so the main room didn’t get too crowded…or they’re idiots.

  • Once again:

    Sarah Hellerman is DocChuck.

  • Tip for you: If you should ever find yourself ripped off/fucked over in a bar/pub, take your pint glass to the bathroom/toilet/bog, fill it with hot water…then have a fellow drinker to fetch a mars bar/snickers…from a local shop…place opened candy bar in hot water in pint glass…place said pint in window(away from sight of the waitstaff,if possible)…everyone that walks past the bar will then have the welcoming sight of a turd floating in a pint glass before they enter.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  • If anyone has some recs on a free buffet happy hour for me email me at midtownlunchmeetup at gmail.com

    I’ve been wronged by Ch 4. My gut will not forgive me until I make this right!

  • I’d kick those mother fuckers in the god damn jesus fucking cunts if they houdini’d the buffet on me! I don’t mind dropping a fair bit of quid on my cocktails and beers, but f’ing hell (pardon my french), free snacks are free snacks! Any hoo.

  • McBeagle

    Should I ever meet up with you in Pittsburgh, I would be more than happy to present you with a pint glass filled with the real thing.

    Pip Pip and Cheerio, Chuck

  • Keep in mind that just this afternnoon, before, err, finishing up…..he cried out “Here’s a pint of the real thing, McBeagle!”.

    If such things interest you

  • This is just getting weirder and weirder…..

  • Haha I just clicked over to find my amusing and almost embarrassing comment… oh wells and to Cyn, where I’m from, you keep your boots on, if you’re wearing heels, you take them off and use them as weapons. :)

    **To those who actually know me, stop laughing.

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